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It can be extremely difficult to find effective sleep aids that are not only effective, but also natural. Most sleep aids will leave you feeling groggy and listless when you wake up, while some don’t even work at all. However, there are certain sleep aids that use all natural formulas and are more effective than most OTC products. One such formula is known as RestUp.

RestUp is a powerful nootropic sleep aid from the company known as Alternascript. This company creates extremely powerful and effective supplements that are also natural.

RestUp Ingredients

RestUp Review

RestUp contains a number of powerful ingredients that help in reducing insomnia, stress, anxiety, and an overactive mind. One ingredient is 5-HTP, which is an amino acid that occurs naturally within the body. 5-HTP is known to help in increasing levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, as well as creating a sense of wellness and happiness in your mind.

RestUp also contains L-theanine, another amino acid. This one helps in boosting a sense of relaxation and wellness, calm, and better mood. This is due to its ability to improve natural levels of dopamine within the body, making you fall asleep more easily.

RestUp includes a small amount of melatonin, just enough to help your body “switch off” and your mind to relax. By including melatonin in this product, the company aims to help you naturally feel more tired — especially since melatonin product in the body begins to drop as you get older.

Niagen, or a mitochondrial enhancement booster, is one of the key ingredients in this formula. Niagen helps to make your body experience less stress on the whole by improving the health of your mitochondria. Mitochondria are the cellular “switches” in your body that react to stress, essentially telling your cells when to turn on or off. By including Niagen in this formula, the company aims to help you fall asleep more naturally by feeling less stress on the whole.

User Reviews

A number of users have left positive feedback about their experiences with RestUp. One individual who found the formula to be particularly effective at curing his insomnia said it first took about 50 minutes for it to kick in. Then, at that point, he went to bed and fell asleep right away after taking just one capsule roughly 30 minutes before bed.

Unlike when he would take Unisom or Zzzquil, he found that he didn’t feel “crashed” or exhausted. He simply felt naturally, normally tired, as though his body was ready for sleep without a huge or powerful boost that some sleeping pills and formulas give you. With RestUp, he started to naturally unwind and de-stress, finding that he felt relaxed and blissful when he lay down to sleep.

Another user found that after taking the supplement, he felt refreshed and happy in the morning, like he’d had a really good night’s sleep. It wasn’t as if he’d gone through a serious brain fog like when he would take prescription sleep supplements. He also found that going to work, he had a much more productive day than he normally would have. He attributed this to RestUp, since taking the supplement was the only thing he did differently.

Tips on Getting the Most from RestUp

To get the greatest benefit from this product, the company suggests that you clear as much of your work area as possible so you don’t feel cluttered or bogged down. Additionally, finding a room where you don’t have a lot of junk or clutter can help destress and clear your mind because you won’t respond with anxiety and cortisol from seeing a messy area. RestUp should be taken roughly one hour before you go to sleep with a simple glass of water, avoiding sugar as much as possible.


RestUp is a natural and powerful sleep aid that will help you restore your body’s natural sleep cycle. Unlike prescription sleep aids, this one doesn’t leave you feeling foggy or out of it in the morning; instead, you’ll wake up refreshed and energized for the rest of your day. RestUp is truly an effective and healthy supplement, and it is also very affordable. Thanks to the company’s refund policy, if you aren’t totally happy with your purchase, you can get your money back with no questions asked as long as you return it within the refund period. They’ll also send you a free sample if you order online and plug in your name and address to tell them where to send it.

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