Muscle XTX Review: The Truth Revealed

Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over with the same crappy results?

Roger Canfield knows how you feel. He was there. We interviewed him for Supplement Journal to learn about his experience with Muscle XTX.

Muscle XTX Free Trial: The Truth Revealed

Supplement Journal: Tell us, Roger – what was it that made you take a look at Muscle XTX?
Roger Canfield: Sabrina, one of the things that I got super frustrated with was the crappy results I was struggling with since the holidays. I put on some extra pounds and was doing everything I could to build more muscle and strength. I finally got sick and tired of what was happening and started looking around for something that’d give me an edge.

SJ: OK, so you got frustrated and began looking around – who introduced you to Muscle XTX?
RC: One of my friends is a fitness trainer and competitive lifter. He took me aside at the gym and showed me the bottle in his gym bag.

SJ: What have you noticed since taking Muscle XTX?
RC: I’ve noticed a few things. First, I’m able to push harder through reps than I used to. I would start to struggle with my bench press and squats right when I’d get to #12 out of 15 reps. Now, I feel like I can do 20 reps each time. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m less sore than I used to be. Without being too crude, I felt like the Oakland Raiders offensive line took advantage of my body after leg day. After taking Muscle XTX, I not only feel great after my workouts, but I’m way less sore.

SJ: Have you noticed any benefits outside of the gym?
RC: Without getting too graphic, I’ve definitely noticed that there are some real positive benefits for men. Since this stuff helps with circulation, and getting more blood flow to your muscles, I’ve noticed that my “male parts” are quicker to get excited. Is that a politically correct way of explaining it?

SJ: Hey, we’re all adults here – no problem with explaining that. So you’re telling us, there are positive sexual side effects to taking Muscle XTX?
RC: Absolutely. Ever since I turned 30, I noticed that my testosterone levels had dropped. I asked my doctor about it, and he said that it’s normal with my age. I want to stay sexually active, so I need every edge I can get without getting on pharmaceutical drugs. This stuff benefitted me two-fold – in the gym, and in the bedroom.

SJ: We’ve read the same thing from the manufacturer, but we wanted to verify their claims. This supplement has three ingredients, L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, and L-Norvaline. So far, what you’ve told us verifies what they said about having more endurance, greater strength, and increased ability for erections. What about muscle gains? Have you seen any results?
RC: Yes, in the last 6 weeks that I’ve taken Muscle XTX, I’ve packed on almost 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. The transformation, while not insanely dramatic, has been enough for my trainer to notice!

SJ: Great, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Do you have any additional comments to share with our readers?
RC: If you’re looking to make some serious gains, I can’t recommend this supplement enough. If you’re going to sit on your ass and not workout, don’t buy it. It won’t help you. If you want to make serious gains, though, and want to hit the gym to see some results, I’m confident that you’ll find this is the key to unlock some serious muscle.

SJ: Thank you for your time, Roger!
RC: Anytime.

There you have it, folks. We appreciate Roger’s time in sharing his experience. In exchange for this interview, Roger was compensated with a six-month supply of this supplement.

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