Here at Supplement Journal, we want to ensure that we give you all of the information necessary to make wise decisions regarding your health. We receive requests on a daily basis to try and review supplements, but don’t always choose to write about some.

In order for us to consider reviewing a supplement, it must meet the following criteria:supplement-journal-scientist

  • All ingredients must be fully listed on the packaging.
  • Products must be manufactured in a GMP Certified facility.
  • eCommerce sites must clearly state their company name, address, customer service phone number and email address.
  • Purchase terms must be clearly articulated with no hidden charges.
  • Any “free trial” offer must clearly explain their re-billing and cancellation process.
  • Customer service information must be readily available to all prospective customers prior to purchase.
  • Product landing pages must not make any claims regarding the curing or preventing of diseases.

We reserve the right to decline to review any supplement or health-related product for any reason not specified above.

The facts are, we want to do more than just tell you about products. We want to help guide our readers to better health today by teaching best practices, giving helpful advice, and encouraging you to do your own research.

Here is a list of all of the products we have currently listed on our website. This list will be updated periodically as new reviews are posted. (Updated 11/14/2017):

Amino Acids


Beauty Products

Depression and Anxiety


Digestive Health

Essential Oils

Hair Loss

Men’s Health

Muscle and Bodybuilding



Skin Care

Sleep Aids

Stress Relief Supplements


Weight Loss

Weight Loss eBooks/Programs

Weight Loss Supplements

Women’s Health Supplements

Are there supplements that you think we should review? Have you seen an advertisement that you’re wondering if it’s legitimate or making exaggerated claims? By all means, please forward all of your questions to us through our contact page.