Shocking Xtest Review: Muscle Growth Supplement?

Men: have you been looking at yourself in the mirror wondering how you can improve your flabby abs? Maybe you’re wondering if that ripped chest and arms you’ve seen in all the Men’s Health magazines are actually legit.

Well, we wondered the same thing a while ago… That’s why we started this website in the first place.

If you’ve seen our reviews online, you know that we hate scummy products. In fact, we call them out by name. A lot of times, if a company reaches out to us with a product, we’ll tell them to go stick it where the sun don’t shine because we know what kind of tricks they’re up to.

The waiting list to get a review on Supplement Journal is roughly 4 months long.

Xtest Review

Today, we chose to write up a review on Xtext so that we can tell you what the straight scoop is with their supplement.

What we found when we tested out Xtest surprised us. We weren’t prepared for everything we’re about to show you.

First, we looked at their ingredients list. The recommended dosage is two capsules daily, which contain a proprietary mix of ingredients that blew us away:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Dipotassium Phosphate

These three ingredients are a powerful mix of some of the most potent muscle-building products available today. When combined in a capsule, they provide some explosive results!

What We Found

Michael T. from Studio City, CA was last month’s recipient of our Beta Testing Certificate, so he got to choose from several supplements. He chose to try Xtest to see if it could help him improve his gains in the gym, as well as boost his sexual performance.

Michael wrote, “I’m blown away by how I feel just 48 hours after taking my first dose. I thought it was a Placebo Effect, but without getting too graphic, I’m feeling harder and my orgasm was INSANE tonight. I HAD to write you guys and let you know that this stuff is great just 2 days in!”

We asked him to keep track of his progress over the next few weeks. After a week, he let us know: “My body fat is down 1% in just 7 days. I don’t know if it’s the supplement or if it’s been that I have extra energy lately. Regardless, I like what I’m seeing!”

After week two, Michael said: “Guys, this Xtest is a true winner! I’m down 4% body fat in 14 days. No way that it’s a fluke. I’m sticking with this stuff, so get me another bottle. I’ll pay for it myself!”

We want a minimum of 1 month of testing, but even with these great results, we were skeptical.

One Month Later

Here’s Michael’s follow-up after 1 complete month on Xtest:

“I’m stronger, I’m leaner, and having phenomenal workouts. I lost 10 pounds of fat in the last 30 days which beats what I’ve been doing previously. I look better and feel absolutely incredible. The only downside is that my girlfriend is complaining that she can’t keep up with me anymore… and she’s 21! LOL! Thanks guys, winning this contest is the best thing to happen to me in a long time.”

If you want to experience similar results, we highly recommend that you try this supplement while supplies last. We’re only allowing for 250 complimentary trials per day, so if you try to order a free bottle and are denied, please try back again tomorrow.

We cannot guarantee that stock will remain right now due to all the media attention Xtest is receiving.

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