Alpha BRAIN by ONNIT Labs: Does This Nootropic Work?

There are a number of supplements that are aimed at the mind these days and the problem is most of them are all hype and no results. For those who have experience with mental cognition supplements, you know nootropics are responsible for these products working and many that promise increased mental function don’t deliver. If you’ve been using nootropic products then this may not be for you as you might be using something upgraded but for people who are new to these products, Alpha Brain may just be something for you to consider.

Nootropic products offer numerous benefits and as a beginner, you can rest assured you won’t be disappointed. This cognitive enhancer can help with mental function and can help enhance your mind drastically.

So, What is Alpha BRAIN?

Alpha Brain has become a hot supplement on the market and is designed to help the brain increase in effectiveness. A focus-enhancing supplement, this product is known to deliver oxygen and other nutrients that are vital to the brain. You’ll find that it does a better job than most other products on the market designed to do similar things. A powerful formula provides increased focus, energy and memory in addition to other benefits.

Alpha Brain is referred to as a “stack” which basically means that it’s a collection of a few different supplements that have been brought together to help with increasing and improving brain strength in a few different ways.

There are proprietary formulas such as Alpha GPC which is a combination of choline and Vinpocetine which help with increasing the amount of blood that goes to the brain. In addition, there is Huperzine A which blocks the breakdown of acetylcholine. These are some of the ingredients that are combined in a single pill that you will take 1-2 times a day.

Alpha BRAIN by Onnit
What Makes This Formula so Powerful?

When you take Alpha BRAIN there are several benefits you can expect to see over time. It’s designed to give a unique nootropic experience and also ONNIT gives you a formula that’s based on all-natural ingredients with no additives that would cause negative or harsh side effects that you might find with other products in the same industry. There have been several studies done that have shown this formula actually delivers on its promises.

Alpha BRAIN doesn’t include racetams which are proven to give the enhanced mental cognition and when you take Alpha BRAIN, you might want to incorporate a supplement that contains racetams for even more benefit than what you’ll get with taking this product alone.

Some Benefits to Expect

 With a number of different ingredients and compounds, there are numerous benefits that come with using Alpha BRAIN. Some of them can include:

  • Improved memory and learning abilities: Alpha GPC formula in addition to Huperzine A combine to increase plasticity of the brain allowing for higher acetylcholine and overall mental functionality
  • Improved sleep: several ingredients in this product promote a state of calmness while beating off anxiety and stress and helps you enter a deeper state of relaxation allowing for a restful night of sleep
  • Better cognition and focus: all included ingredients contribute to making this product effective and include Vinpocetine which increases blood flow making it easier for oxygen and nutrients to get to where it needs to be
  • Lucid dreaming: This is the ability to control your thoughts and movements within a dreamlike state. This means training your brain to lucid dream over several years and when this product is taken before you go to sleep, it’s been shown to promote this lucid dreaming.

Ingredients That Make This Powerful Formula

There are 3 formulas that come together in Alpha BRAIN to make this a powerful mental cognition supplement. Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B-6
  • AC-11
  • Onnit Flow Blend: 650mg L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oatstraw Extract, Phosphatidylserine; L-Tyrosine, a valuable amino acid, helps boost cognitive functionality; L-Theanine is found in green tea and affects GABA meaning it’s absorbed by the brain easily promoting an overall better feeling of wellness and energy; Outstraw is an effective stress management nutrient shown to promote improved neurological response while increasing attentiveness.
  • Onnit Focus Blend: 240mg of L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC), Huperzia serrata extract, and Bacopa monniera extract. This formula is a crucial part to the blend and is absorbed with ease in the blood-brain barrier and when it’s delivered the secretion of acetylcholine is increased and the Huperzia serrata is yet another part of the blend and it also prevents acetylcholine from breaking down.
  • Onnit Fuel Blend: 65mg L-Leucine, Pterostilbene, and Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine helps the body increase its ability to deliver oxygen the brain needs for increased energy and with antioxidants in this formula as well, free radicals are fought off. This eliminates the mental fog and increases aging effects allowing you to increase mental cognition and look younger at the same time.

This supplement has been ruled to be safe and effective as there are all-natural ingredients allowing it to be safe for the body. The ingredients are all low toxicity but those with low blood pressure should avoid taking this product as the Vinpocetine can lead to lowering blood pressure.

If you’re looking for a supplement to incorporate into your daily routine that’s designed to help you increase energy, mental clarity and focus, this may just be what you need. Alpha BRAIN is designed for individuals who are overall healthy and who are looking to improve their mental cognition. You’ll be able to recall information a lot easier which is why so many people these days are utilizing this product.

There are a number of positive reviews you can find online allowing you to rest assured that you aren’t buying into another scheme of a product offering empty promises. With the powerful formula of ingredients, oxygen gets to the brain easier allowing you to focus a lot easier. With an easy money-back guarantee you can also have confidence that even if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund. You don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain!


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