At Home Teeth Whitening: Smile Pro Direct Review

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their smile and their eyes. Having a whiter smile is probably something a lot of us wouldn’t mind. After all, who wants a yellow smile? It can become embarrassing and for that reason many people hide their face or their smile. To help with a whiter smile you can go to the dentist, but this may not always be financially possible.

When it comes to getting your teeth white though, there are a few things to know before you choose any product. It’s common to start to see your white smile fade as you age and with dental problems. People whiten their teeth to have a brighter smile. It’s important to take care of your teeth as things such as coffee, tea, acidic foods and drinks and even soda can cause dark areas on the teeth. This is embarrassing for some and that’s why so many people choose to whiten their teeth.Smile-Pro-Direct

What is Smile Pro Direct

One product that’s on the market that seems to work with a lot of people is called Smile Pro Direct. It’s a solution that helps you whiten your smile in a matter of days as opposed to weeks with other over-the-counter solutions. Some people have reported seeing results in as little as 5 days which is a lot faster than other products you’ll find.

The product contains 22% carbamide peroxide which has become one of the safest ingredients in regards to whitening your teeth. Once the gel gets applied and comes into contact with your teeth, the gel is activated and the ingredients go right to work cleaning and whitening your teeth.

How it Works

Smile Pro Direct is a simple 3 step process and is easy to use. You don’t have to leave it on overnight and the mouth trays aren’t too bulky meaning the whitening gel stays in place during the whitening process. Results again can be seen in as little as a few days and this is great for occasions that may creep up on you such as high school reunions and more. You can now show up and show a bright white smile that you can be confident with.

To begin with, start with brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth out with water. This prepares the teeth for the whitening gel. Next, place a small amount of the gel into each of the mouth trays on the front part that will touch your teeth. Place the trays on your teeth and allow them to sit there for 30-60 minutes. Once you remove the trays, brush your teeth again. Try avoiding swallowing any of the gel and clean thetrays after use with cool water and a toothbrush.


While going to the dentist can result in a white smile, it can be a little harsher on your gums and can be a financial strain for some people. When compared to other over the counter whitening products, the benefits with this particular product are as follows:

  • Easy 3 step process
  • No overnight application process
  • Powerful ingredients for powerful and fast results
  • Sure-fit trays which avoids overspills of whitening gel
  • Prolonged results that last
  • Water-based which prevents further damage to the teeth
  • Remains in place while in the mouth

There are several over the counter products such as strips and other gels but results are temporary and may not always be as good as you had expected. One great thing about Smile Pro Direct is that there is a free trial that’s offered. This allows you to experience the product and see if it’s something you’ll use. If not, simply return the product back within the specified time frame.

There are millions of people using this product and experiencing whiter teeth and a more confident smile they take pride in. If you are embarrassed by your smile it’s time to do something about it. Smile Pro Direct is easy to use and the trays fit ideally in the mouth making it easy to use. Again, people are seeing results in as little as a few days and you can expect the same results you’d get with professional bleaching products.

When it comes to whitening your teeth you want to make sure you test a small part first as some ingredients can cause gum irritation which is rather uncomfortable. But, with this product results have been more positive and no side effects or irritation has been reported. Be sure to follow all of the written instructions to maximize its effectiveness.


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