Baetea Teatox & Weight Loss Tea Review

Baetea Teatox

The top-selling weight loss and detox tea on Amazon is Baetea Teatox, and rightfully so. With over 1,300 reviews it has made a name for itself since it started selling recently. It caught our attention because often times weight loss or detox teas have a brutal laxative effect, which really doesn’t do any good for its users. Laxative teas just dehydrate its users, which is not good for optimal health. We like Beatea Teatox because it is NOT a laxative tea, helps its users lose weight, suppress their appetites, and surprisingly tastes great. Let’s take a closer look.

Baetea Teatox: 14 Day Detox & Weight Loss Tea

Baetea Teatox Benefits
This unique blend of nutrients and herbs has been formulated to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, which together helps to achieve safe, natural weight loss.

Baetea Teatox will help you with multiple benefits, ultimately helping you to:

– Lose weight faster
– Boost your metabolism
– Suppress your appetite
– Provide antioxidant benefits
– Boost your immune system
– Increase your metabolic rate to burn fat faster

Baetea Teatox Ingredients
This all-natural formula of ingredients is packed with great benefits:

Organic Green Tea
Contains ECGC, a natural antioxidant and metabolism booster. Green tea has an incredible number of benefits, helping improve heart health, cholesterol, and helping with a number of other ailments.

Other ingredients are Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Oolong Wu Yi, Pomegranate, Guarana, Stevia, and Senna. Flavoring includes Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Corn, Honey Powder, and Citric Acid.

How to take Baetea Teatox
Taking Baetea Teatox is straightforward and simple. Drink 1 level teaspoon in a cup of hot water with a tea infuser, first thing in the morning or before a workout. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and enjoy!

Based on our experience, you’ll feel the effects after about 20-30 minutes. You should feel energized, but not jittery, which is one HUGE plus. A lot of times when you take a thermogenic supplement (weight loss supplements) you’ll find that they are packed with caffeine, causing you to feel jittery and restless. This is not the case with Baetea Teatox.

User Testimonials
Kimberly D. said: “I am BEYOND happy with Beatea. I was skeptical about it, I’m not much of a “before and after” believer, and in all actuality, I bought the tea with high hopes of losing my water weight and gaining that energy boost all of the other reviews kept raving about. Well, I am impressed!! I’ve been drinking this tea for seven days and I see a complete change in myself…I’ve lost a total of 6 pounds since starting Baetea but I am also on a strict diet and working out twice a day, six days a week, so I can’t completely credit Baetea to all of the weight loss but I absolutely believe that it has contributed to it!”

Another female user said: “I’m a big coffee and tea drinker but I’ve never used a detox tea for fear of it being, ahem, toooo strong or fast acting…I was rather surprised! I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m definitely liked the taste… I started noticing the results between the 3-4 day mark. I had nothing to be afraid with the tea. I think that’s an important thing to share as others may have the same concerns that I initially had. I’m so glad I gave this a chance! I also found that it really does last for the full 14 days that it says it will. With the holidays coming up fast, I plan on ordering more for myself and also for friends and family. It’s the perfect gift to give someone, along with a nice mug and a good tea infuser.”

We’re impressed with their 4.3 star out of 5 star rating on Amazon, and with our sampling, we’re happy to back this product for our readers to try themselves. We thought it tasted great, but more importantly – it works well! Give it a shot, and let us know what YOU think as well!

Baetea Teatox

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