Grow a Better Beard With a Beard Supplement

If you have been trying to grow thicker, fuller facial hair that results in a seriously handsome beard, you might have considered a beard supplement. Similar to hair supplements for men, beard growth supplements such as Legendary Beard Co. supplements help to stimulate follicle health and hair growth on the facial area. Certain vitamins such as vitamin D, biotin, and B12 will help your facial hair to grow full and thick, keeping your beard at its fullest at all times.

How a Beard Supplement Can Help You

Beard supplements are intended to boost beard growth and overall appearance. Using a special oil and vitamin-based blend, supplements help to keep graying to a minimum, create stronger and thicker facial hair, keep your beard in a full, healthy shape, and also fill in thin areas around your beard.

Ingredients in Beard Supplements

Most beard supplements contain a similar blend of ingredients. These include biotin, vitamin B6, A, C, and E vitamins, and also added herbal extracts like coleus forskohlii, garcinia cambogia, horsetail, wheat germ, and green coffee bean, among others. Each of these ingredients is intended to boost health, hair growth, fiber intake, and other key aspects of daily hair growth and fullness.

How Supplements Induce Hair Growth

There is a specific reason the ingredients in these supplements are included. For one, they work by increasing overall health, through added minerals and vitamins. These vitamins help your overall strength, fitness, and cell health, which results in better follicles around the facial area. By speeding up the process of hair growth on the face and jaw, you’ll find it is much easier to quickly grow out a thick, full beard.

Secondly, supplements increase your level of fitness and health in other ways, which results in stronger cell regeneration. By boosting cell health and performance, you’ll find that you can quickly grow in a thicker beard. In addition, many of the ingredients included in Legendary Beard Co. and other similar supplements boost testosterone levels, which result in better growth of hair on the face and neck.

Beard Simulating Aspects

By stimulating hair growth of your beard, a beard supplement can quickly boost the ability to grow in a thick and full area of facial hair. Using the stimulant formula, which is fairly mild in smell and not painful or stinging, you’ll simply apply a gentle balm to your face and neck. When finished, you just pat your face dry and let the stimulating ingredients work their magic. Before long, you’ll have grown in a thick, full beard that adds to your attractiveness and confidence.

Better Self-Image and Confidence

Many people who use a beard supplement find that it’s a great way to boost hair growth, yes — but also to increase a sense of masculinity and confidence. Many men find it hard to grow in a full beard on their own, especially with lowered testosterone levels which start to kick in as we age. Rather than having to despair over this, it’s easy to simply apply a supplement for beard growth that will boost confidence and self-image in no time.

User Feedback on Beard Supplements

Many men who try out beard supplements generally rate them positively, saying that some — like the Legendary Beard Co. supplement — work to boost beard growth, thickness, and fullness every day. One user said this product actually helped him grow in a full beard for the first time in his life, giving him better testosterone, strength, and stamina by increasing his cell regeneration and follicle growth. Another user, who was starting to age, found that his beard wasn’t coming in as thick or full as it used to. After testing out a beard supplement product or two, he found that the results gave him back his self-image, positive mental frame of mind, and also a boost in self-confidence. He now uses a beard supplement every day and finds the results quite fulfilling.


If you’re seeking to quickly boost beard growth using an all-natural supplement such as Legendary Beard Co. or another similar product, trying a beard growth formula can be a great choice. Adding fullness, thickness, and vitality to your facial hair, beard supplements are a simple and healthy way to start increasing your self-image and sense of masculinity. A full beard results in a sense of manliness and strength that can’t be gained through any other type of product, which is why a beard supplement might be just the ticket you need.

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