The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver benefits

Colloidal silver is known to be one of the most effective remedies for health issues. Particularly useful in the form of drops, colloidal silver helps to mend wounds, improve skin health, and prove as an effective antibacterial agent for a number of superbugs. Scientifically supported by several recent studies, colloidal silver is quickly gaining ground as an important DNA-binding component that effects respiration of cells directly. This makes it an important remedy for those in need of a holistic, natural way to improve health.


Benefits of Colloidal Silver Drops

In addition to acting as a natural antibacterial agent, colloidal silver is considered an powerful antiviral for AIDS, shingles, pneumonia, and herpes, among other powerful viruses. It actually acts as a suffocating reagent that prevents viruses from propagating. It can actually help to diminish HIV and AIDS symptoms, as well as minimizing Hep C impacts.

How Colloidal Silver Works

Using colloidal silver drops, there are three main benefits that can be gained by the body. First, colloidal silver works by a process called catalytic oxidation, where the body uses your metabolic system to bind adenosine triphosphate to various nutrients. It is then able to perform the key cell-based process of respiration, which helps the body use ATP efficiently. Colloidal silver controls and binds to oxygen components, helping to keep viruses and bacteria under control.

Secondly, colloidal silver also helps to bind with your DNA, which can be controlled as this proper can enter the DNA of bacteria as well. This stops DNA unwinding, which is part of the process of replication for cells.

Powerful Skin and Wound Benefits

Colloidal silver drops can help to prevent ringworm, while also being used to treat periodontal, thrust, and burns. You’ll also be able to stop eczema and psoriasis with these drops as it is able to act as an anti-fungal component for skin health. Colloidal silver then works to repair damage to the skin from burns and other skin conditions.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Colloidal silver drops can be taken throughout the day to act as an anti-inflammatory, which will give your body the ability to boost cell recovery, healing speed, and swelling. This will also help your body quickly repair from infections and illnesses. Improved anti-inflammatory properties can also help ward off heart disease, cancer, and other troubling infections.

Effective for Sinus Infections

Those who suffer from repeated or frequent sinus infections can benefit from the use of colloidal silver drops as well. These drops can be more effective than ordinary over the counter medications, helping the body to quickly reduce Staph aureas infections which are responsible for sinusitis. Simply adding a few drops to your neti pot is a great way to quickly reduce the symptoms of sinusitis.

Prevention of Pneumonia

Colloidal silver drops can also be an effective way to ward off pneumonia and other bacterial infections as this product connects with germ areas in the lungs. These areas may be inflated, causing respiratory symptoms associated with pneumonia and bronchitis. Through the use of colloidal silver, people can experience freedom from pneumonia and bronchitis, as well as other respiratory problems, within just a few days.

User Reviews and Feedback

Thanks to the use of colloidal silver drops, many individuals have reported increased health and wellness in a very short period. One user said that after starting a regimen of taking the drops daily, she now feels 100% improved, having much better skin and nail health. Another user who suffered from frequent sinus infections has found himself able to move on with life free of these problems, having conquered the germ deposits in his lungs with drops. Another user, who was starting to develop coronary health issues, found that this supplement’s ability to reduce inflammation gave him what he needed to quickly boost his anti-inflammatory benefits. This helped him reduce the chance of developing CAD as he aged.


As a natural, holistic health remedy, colloidal silver drops are an excellent way of warding off bronchitis and pneumonia, staying healthy in terms of preventing sinusitis, and even restoring your skin and nail health in just a matter of weeks. Taken daily, these drops can be helpful in keeping you young while also preventing diseases from developing as you get older. You can use them up to three times per day and order them online or obtain at a local health store. Colloidal silver drops tend to be more potent that sprays, making them the best choice for those seeking a powerful, fast-acting remedy.


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