The Benefits of Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens is one of the top leafy green super foods available to help your body pack in plenty of nutrients while also losing weight and staying healthy. There are a number of benefits to this powerful product, including the ability to stabilize blood sugar, relieve chronic bloating and constipation, and also lose weight and keep it off. If you’ve been struggling to find a good supplement you can take every day to stay fit and healthy, Patriot Power Greens can help.

Benefits of Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens benefits

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This product, composed entirely from natural fruit and vegetable sources, has the ability to flood your body with alkalinity — a powerful source of energy and vitality. As our Patriot Power Greens review explained, it reduces inflammation in the body, which leads to overall weight loss that you can keep off for good. Secondly, it works to stabilize blood sugar through this reduction in inflammation — thereby reducing the chance you’ll develop type 2 diabetes later on. Thirdly, the product help to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke, so your chances of later developing a blood clot go down dramatically. You can also relieve muscle and joint pain quickly by using this product over an extended period — and thus, won’t need to use ibuprofen or other NSAIDS, avoiding their side effects.

The Science Behind This Green Drink

Patriot Power Greens has been proven effective by a number of publications, including the American Heart Association, the Centers for Disease Control, Harvard Medical School, and more. Dr. Lane Sebring is the creator of this powerful product; he delivers a blend of more than 10 types of probiotics, less than 1g of sugar, and no caffeine or artificial sweeteners. The product is great-tasting and 100% natural, making it safe for anyone to drink.

User Reviews

Just about everyone who’s tried Patriot Power Greens has liked it. There are a number of different types of veggies and fruits contained in the product, including beet juice, carrots, and kale. One user said she loved the fresh taste of Patriot Power Greens — finding that kale was one of her favorite blends. Since kale had zeaxanthin and lutein, which were two important nutrients that helped her skin look younger, she started looking and feeling better all at the same time, just from taking this supplement.

Another user said he could tell a serious difference in his energy levels after starting the product. He had gone from being 180 pounds and almost 10% body fat to 160 pounds and 7% body fat, which was much better for his body type. He also noticed differences in his energy levels after taking the product — and all traces of chronic pain, which he had been feeling before, went away completely.

Another user said that she was doubtful before taking the product, not sure she’d keep using it. She actually planned to take advantage of the moneyback guarantee and return it. However, she felt benefits from the very first day. She found that when she took Patriot Power Greens, she was more alert mentally and physically. She had fewer body and headaches — and even started sleeping better at night. She realized this was an affordable and inexpensive means of staying as healthy as she could.


Patriot Power Greens contains, among other ingredients, just 10 calories per serving, organic spirulina, nori seaweed and wakame seaweed, organic beet juice powder, organic kale, apple, spinach, carrot, and parsley, organic blueberry, a number of probiotics including bifidobacterium and lactobacilus acidophilus, and digestive enzymes. It also contains goji and acai berry, both helpful in digestion and overall health and well-being.

Support from Reputable Publications Such as Mayo Clinic

Even the Mayo Clinic supports this product. One article included in a recent publication discusses how Patriot Power Greens helps in providing a powerhouse of fiber and other nutrients, which aids digestion and bowel health. Without having enough fruits and veggies, you can’t easily get adequate fiber — meaning your intestines will become inflamed from eating too many acidic foods that don’t do well within your body. But fortunately, Patriot Power Greens undoes all this damage, providing everything you need to feel light, energetic, and healthy again.


If you’re looking for a natural and healthy supplement that is backed by real science, Patriot Power Greens packs a powerhouse of benefits. Just a few include a sense of healthiness and energy, easier digestion, less inflammation, pain, constipation, and bloating, and even the ability to sleep better.

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