The Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto Benefits

Saw palmetto has a number of benefits such as improving testosterone levels, helping to boost strength training and weight loss, and even boosting sex drive. In addition, it helps to reduce the size of the prostate lining, making your overall levels of pain tolerance improve while also helping to reduce stress and improve relaxation.

As a testosterone booster, saw palmetto is one of the best ways to quickly see an increase in your testosterone, as it blocks DHT — which inhibits testosterone growth and production.

What are the Benefits of Saw Palmetto?


Saw palmetto helps to reduce the size of the prostate, which is vitally important for adequate sexual functioning. If you have an enlarged prostate, it worsens erectile problems, making sex more painful and difficult. This can result in a decrease in your sex life.

One study, done in 2010, found that Saw Palmetto improved the ability of men who had taken the substance to maintain an erection during sexual activity. Their results were significant compared to the control group, who did not experience the same benefits.

Additionally, saw palmetto helps with reducing baldness, which is a side effect of having too much testosterone. As long as your T levels stay mostly within the normal (or slightly high) range, baldness shouldn’t be a problem. But saw palmetto has been shown to keep T levels normal, making it easier to prevent baldness during middle age.

Lastly, saw palmetto is important in reducing testosterone’s conversion to DHT, which stops it from being taken into the body for use in muscle growth, voice deepening, and other secondary sex characteristics that make you more attractive to females.

Testosterone is naturally improved by saw palmetto, which has been used by indigenous peoples for many years to improve sexual functioning and muscle growth — as well as performance, stamina, and energy — among men.

Saw Palmetto as a Cancer Reducing Agent

Saw palmetto has been shown to help, when used as a supplement, in reducing the possibility of developing cancer, or to slow tumor growth if cancer has already been detected. This is because it slows down testosterone’s conversion to DHT, which causes prostate enlargement. It can also help to stop the growth of cancer cells, even going so far as to destroy them.

How it Works

Saw palmetto has a number of important phytosterols, fatty acids, compounds, and carotenes, making it an effect herb for reducing inflammation and helping erectile problems. It also has a serious effect on T conversion to DHT through its ability to boost androgens, which are male sex hormones.

Since the herb has been shown to help in increasing testosterone levels, it is effectively one of the best ways to boost T levels in the bloodstream without resorting to expensive hormone therapy.

A Natural Source of Strength and Energy

Saw palmetto has also been shown to help improve strength, endurance, stamina, and energy due to its ability to boost testosterone levels. Since it reduces inflammation, you will feel less pain during workouts and have more energy to complete your weightlifting and cardio sessions.

You’ll notice greater sex drive as you reap the benefits of improved T levels, as well. This can have positive spinoff into every day of your life as your relationships become more satisfying and fulfilling, resulting in a happier mood. You’ll also notice that your cognitive ability improves from saw palmetto, due to its ability to boost mental clarity and reduce fatigue within the mind.

Improved Mental Focus and Concentration

Some studies on saw palmetto have even shown it to be effective at helping increase concentration and focus. As you complete your daily tasks, you’ll notice that it’s easier to remember things, even complex facts, dates, figures, and numbers. You’ll find that your performance goes up — and you might even get a raise as the boss takes notice of your improved capability.


As a naturally-occurring herb, saw palmetto is safe, helpful in reducing inflammation, and a potent testosterone boosting supplement. It helps in creating a more positive mood, improving your sense of calm and relaxation, and helping you achieve better, more powerful workouts. It can be obtained in supplement form as an addition to many of the major testosterone boosting supplements on the market, or simply taken on its own as a standalone product.

However you take it, saw palmetto is definitely one of the best ways to feel better every day of your life.

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