BioActive Raspberry Ketones Review

Raspberry Ketones emerged as a popular weight loss supplement in 2012 when one of the top physicians on television did an hour-long special discussing its health benefits. Since then, the health and fitness community has been able to examine the claims, evidence, and put the supplement through its paces. Since the television program aired three years ago, we have been able to read a lot about whether or not raspberry ketones truly work to benefit someone’s health. What we found was pretty surprising, and should provide a lot of hope for people who have been searching for ways to get into better health.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements: An IntroductionRaspberries

The ketones in raspberries is the naturally-occurring substance that gives raspberries their sweet smell. It is found in other fruit, such as kiwis, blackberries, and cranberries. Often times people ask, “Can’t I experience the same benefits of this supplement by just eating raspberries?” The answer to that is NO, you can’t – to extract the ketones from raspberries is a process that is expensive. With every dose you take of raspberry ketones, you need to extract from 90 pounds of raspberries. You could not consume enough raspberries to get the full benefits of this supplement. A raspberry ketone supplement is made synthetically, which is much more cost-effective.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones: The Ingredients and Their Benefits

When we took a close look at BioActive Raspberry Ketones, we wanted to make sure that what they claimed would match with what it is that the actual benefits are of a typical raspberry ketone supplement. What we like about BioActive’s Raspberry Ketone supplement is the fact that they have packed some great ingredients to make it well-rounded.

  • Raspberry Ketones: The main component of this supplement, this helps to increase fat breakdown as well as helps fat cells to release an increase in adiponectin. This is a hormone that helps to boost the metabolism.
  • African Mango: This study shows that African Mango helps to regulate leptin, a hormone that helps you feel full when you eat. By increasing leptin, you can control overeating, cut food cravings, and avoid eating extra calories.
  • Green Tea Extract: Polyphenol, a compound found in green tea, has been shown in studies to help with creating higher levels of energy, which also boosts fat burning in the body.
  • Resveratrol: Found in red wine, resveratrol has received a lot of attention the last few years. This helps to prevent fat from forming, which helps to reduce your body fat levels. It increases your RMR, otherwise known as your Resting Metabolic Rate, which is the number of calories that you burn when not exercising. By increasing your RMR, you will burn a higher number of calories at rest.

These ingredients combine to provide some tremendous health benefits – increasing fat breakdown, reducing your appetite, boosting your metabolism, and increasing your resting metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories faster. Obviously, these are great benefits! Just imagine what will happen when you combine this with a sensible diet, exercise, and proper sleep habits? We are pleased at the combination of ingredients that BioActive Raspberry Ketones contains because it is so well-balanced and effective. These four ingredients are so well-vetted that we are not skeptical of their benefits or claims. They have all been backed up with studies showing their benefits, which is why we give this an A-rating.

Free Trial Offer by BioActive Raspberry Ketones

We like this trial offer because for a $6 shipping & handling charge, you get to try out this product without any risk. See how you feel after a few weeks. Do you notice an increase in energy? Do you feel like your cravings have gone down? If so, it would be worth staying on, and utilizing it for several months until you hit your goal weight. If you’re not satisfied, their return policy makes it really easy to opt-out of future shipments.

It is for all these reasons we whole-heartedly believe you should give this a try if you’re looking for a supplement that will give you a weight loss boost! It’s a complimentary trial offer, so you really have no risk in giving it a shot. Try it today, and let us know how you feel after a few weeks!


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