BioTrust IC-5 Review

BioTrust IC-5 Review

The brand new BioTrust IC-5 supplement promises to help users lose weight without changing eating patterns. Brought to you by the Texas-based company that focuses on raising awareness of regulated diet products, BioTrust does not contain artificial ingredients or false claims. Their products have been manufactured at FDA-approved facilities to control blood glucose and lower levels of this hormone within the body. Unlike regular diet pills, the product focuses on blood sugar levels, seeking to lower them naturally with a unique combination of natural ingredients.

BioTrust IC-5: Promoting Healthier Blood Sugar Levels

Ingredients in BioTrust IC-5
The product contains chromium, berberine, cinnamon bark extract, benfotamine, and naringin. Chromium is a metallic-based element that all human beings need in tiny amounts, and as part of the basic metabolic process to control blood sugar, chromium actually aids in the transport of glucose into the cells through insulin. It is also responsible for the body’s metabolic breakdown of carbs, fat, and protein.

How Berberine Works
Berberine is another powerful compound in this formula. With its super health benefits, it lowers blood sugar at the molecular level, belonging to the group of shrubs known as Berberis. As an alkaloid, it is used traditionally in Chinese herbal remedies, and works through the activation of an enzyme within cells known as AMP activated protein kinase or AMPK. AMPK is called the metabolic master switch as it is one of the most serious components to regulate metabolism. Thus, this is one of the most powerful components causing huge reductions in blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon Bark Extract
Additionally, the product contains cinnamon bark extract, known to be effective in regulating appetite, blood sugar, and overall craving levels, as well as ptero carpus marsuipum, which is known to be used in the management of diabetes. It can control diet-induced hyperlipidemia — or the addition of fat cells through additional calories.

BioTrust IC-5 and Insulin Regulation

BioTrust IC-5 is considered one of the best insulin sensitivity formulas in the world. This is due to the body’s ability to process carbohydrates – or its lack of ability. Many individuals lead sedentary lifestyles and are also overweight, so they aren’t as tolerant of carbohydrates. The unique blend in this formula supercharges your tolerance for carbs before each meal. These ingredients will improve your body’s ability to process carbs, partition them to be used as muscle tissue and then stored as energy, and make your body able to tolerate carbohydrates at a much greater level.

Clinical Studies on IC-5
Clinical studies on this product have shown that these ingredients are seriously effective at lower blood sugar levels naturally. One study showed that berberine effectively lowered fasting blood glucose of individuals with type 2 diabetes, and increased the insulin receptor controlling uptake levels in human beings. Berberine also worked to enhance insulin receptor expression, increasing the total amount of glucose consumed by cells when insulin was raised in the bloodstream. Other studies were done on cinnamon extract, where volunteers ate rice pudding and then certain individuals took cinnamon. Those who ingested cinnamon had a much lower rise in blood sugar levels than those who had not taken it.

User Feedback
Customers love BioTrust IC-5. One user says she takes it 2 times per day and has lost over 70 pounds in seven months. She loves BioTrust as a company and has used their online coaching to find the best methods of how to exercise and follow a good diet. Another user said that she has been on the product for 1 month and 2 weeks, and is seeing weight loss in the legs, face, and arm areas and as a diabetic, got it to stabilize her condition. She has noticed she is making serious progress and plans to keep other users posted through the online forum.

How to Order
You can get Biotrust IC-5 through the company’s website, and have a great 100% money-back guarantee for a full year so that if you aren’t happy with them, you can easily return the product. As this company is regulated entirely within the US, it’s safe to bet that their products are made within the US as well, providing maximum safety and effectiveness. The company follows a rigorous 7-step research and testing method to ensure their supplements include only the top 100% natural ingredients.

For a healthy, natural supplement that provides serious weight loss effects, look no further than BioTrust IC-5. This is an affordable and safe supplement, and the company provides a guaranteed refund policy if you aren’t happy with it.


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