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Dr. Amen’s Brain Power Basics

May 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

One of the nation’s renowned psychiatrists, Dr. Daniel Amen, has become well known for his line of products that are designed to help with overall well-being. One of his products is called Brain Power Basics which claims to support not only short-term memory, but also sleep, focus, brain health, and energy. Dr. Amen has taken the time needed to ensure that all of his products are aimed at helping individuals who want to improve mental cognition and improve memory. This has become the only [...READ MORE]

Dr. Amen’s GABA Calming Support to Help Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression

May 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

Having a restless mind can really inhibit some people’s lives and can make for hard days or nights for millions of people everywhere. Imagine what it must be like to be in bed all night and not being able to fall asleep because your mind deices that it’s time to think about everything that happened during the day. Or what about when you try to focus on one thing and the mind decides to throw in everything else on top of already worried things. If you find yourself getting stressed out [...READ MORE]

Xwerks Grow Review

May 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

Xwerks Grow is a new whey protein isolate supplement manufactured and sold by Xwerks LLC, the same makers of Xwerks Ignite. As you may be aware, whey protein is a protein made during the cheese making process that is quickly absorbed by the body. Since Xwerks Grow is an isolate, it means that Grow has undergone microfiltration to ensure that Grow is almost 100% pure protein, which is to your advantage. How Does Xwerks Grow Work? During weight lifting, muscles fibers are actually being torn. [...READ MORE]

BioMuscle XR Review: Bodybuilding at a Great Price

May 21, 2015 // 1 Comment

Alright guys, for those of you looking to take your workout and muscle tone and size to new levels, this review is for you! Getting ripped as soon as you can may or may not be on your mind, and for those of you who are serious, there’s a product on the market that’s taken the fitness world by surprise. Men everywhere are seeing amazing results making this one of the hottest topics among lifters everywhere. Results are fast and something right out of a magazine! For starters, this product is [...READ MORE]

Nootrobrain Review: Can It Enhance Your Cognitive Brain Function?

May 19, 2015 // 3 Comments

Many of us these days want to improve our cognition and there are several mental enhancers on the market in addition to exercises that you can do to help increase your memory along with focus. We all want to be more intellectual and increase brain function over time. Perhaps cognitive function isn’t fast as we’d like and it can be frustrating knowing you can’t remember things as fast as you once could. For that reason many people are considering the many benefits of brain supplements, or [...READ MORE]

Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer: How Does it Work?

May 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

Millions of people frantically search for a miracle pill to help with weight loss, and the truth is, the market these days is so saturated with weight loss gimmicks that it’s hard to know what’s going to work and what you should overlook. When it comes to burning off extra fat in the body it’s always easier said than done. We all lose weight at different paces and what works for one person may not work for another. When it comes to losing weight, having a powerful fat burner working for [...READ MORE]

5+ Health Benefits of Forskolin

May 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

After Garcinia Cambogia, forskolin seems to have become one of the most popular health supplements and the next big superfood that boosts weight loss in near-miraculous ways, and also possibly offers a wide range of many other health benefits associated with its consumption. But does this supplement really live up to its expectations? Is it really worth your time? Keep reading to find out and get a sneak peek into the best health benefits of the use of this newest fat buster on the block. What [...READ MORE]

Dorsamax Review: Can It Help Men Improve Sex?

May 12, 2015 // 1 Comment

How Does Dorsamax Boost Your Sex Life?  Guys, you know how important it is to keep your woman pleased in the sack, and while women say size doesn’t matter, you know better than that. While size isn’t what it’s all about, it can play a big role in keeping her pleased and satisfied. This is where Dorsamax can come in and help you! In fact, by the age of 40, sexual dysfunction typically starts to set in for over half of all men in the country. That’s a lot of men and the fear of not being [...READ MORE]
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