Cognizera Review – Little Blue Pill for the Brain?

If you are seeking a way to become more intelligence, there are a ton of supplements on the market. however, finding one that is effective, affordable, and fast-working can be a challenge. Cognizera is one supplement that is 100% legitimate, with consistent results across numerous user reviews.

Marketed as “(The Little Blue Pill) for the brain,” Cognizera truly does help in achieving mental focus, clarity, cognitive precision, and memory enhancement. It works through a specific ingredient known as phosphatidylserine complex. As a key amino acid that is critical to brain function and growth, phosphatidylserine is a food derived extract that actually helps brain cells communicate more rapidly, allowing for better learning, sharper focus, and quicker thinking.

Cognizera Review

Is Cognizera the Little Blue Pill for the Brain?

Fighting off Cognitive Decline
One thing that Cognizera helps with is to fight off cognitive decline, protecting your brain from aging. As we get older, levels of phosphatidylserine go down, and there are proven relationships between lower PS levels and less cognitive performance. The FDA has actually allowed for increased use of phosphatidylserine as a way to reduce dementia risk. By supplementing, you can actually help to ward off cognitive decay, such as in one study which found that using this phosopholipid for 12 weeks allowed for reduced Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Increased Memory and Learning
Cognizera also helps to ramp up memory, learning, and attention. It helps to improve the strength of electrical impulses going through the brain. This means that inner cell membranes are strengthened, reducing brain fog and improving clarity of memory, alertness, attention, thought, and learning rate.

In one study, Cognizera supplementation showed increased improvements in memory and learning as well as how long it took to complete a number of tasks — while those who did not take the supplement didn’t experience any increase in performance. It also helps to combat adrenal fatigue syndrome, which typically occurs from prolonged physical, emotional, and environmental stress. Cognizera reduces cortisol levels and rebalances proper levels of stress hormones in the brain, meaning you can think more clearly during stressful situations.

User Reviews
Many individuals who’ve taken Cognizera have reported benefits to its supplementation. In addition to being easy to take, it has no side effects and it is easy to use, declining the memory loss that occurs over time with age. It also helps in relieving anxiety — which means better performance eon the job and at school. It helps in boosting cognitive health, relieving anxiety, and increasing motivation overall.

Many users have actually found it also increase physical performance as well, such as a specific review from athletes. One user who was taking the supplement to increase mental and physical performance found that his levels of cortisol were blunted — which meant he could push the body further and perform better when the pressure was on. Another study found that cyclists were able to exercise at higher capacity over longer time periods with no cortisol effect with placebo, and with blunted cortisol taking Cognizera.

How Cognizera Works
Since this supplement is completely FDA approved, it is simple to take, coming in pill form — and each pill is 100% vegetarian. To sustain benefits, you will need to take it daily. As soon as it goes into your body, Cognizera delivers critical ingredients to the bloodstream, so they can quickly reach brain cells. This means your flow of neurotransmitters will be increased to help memory issues and improve mental and physical performance right away.

What to Expect
As a nootropic, Cognizera is completely natural and safe, so you won’t be putting your body at risk by taking it. What you will see is increased protectants for your neurological functioning, meaning your gray matter will work in prime condition as you go about your day. The essential building blocks of a healthy brain are included in this supplement, which is easy to order — including a free trial period.

How to take Cognizera
You only need to take it one to two times per day, avoiding taking it close to bed time since it causes an increase in mental and physical energy. Typically, it’s best to take Cognizera with breakfast and around lunchtime. You can take it with or without food, and can order in packages of one bottle, 3 bottles, or 5 bottles, depending on your price range.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable supplement that will help your brain function increase without breaking the bank, Cognizera is one to try. As a natural formula, it is also completely safe and side-effect free.


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