Dermefface FX7 Review

You’ve got scars – I get that. You don’t have to tell me how stressful that can be, both on the inside and on the exterior you show to the world. I’ve been there, and used Dermefface FX7 scar removal gel among other products that purport to get rid of scarring…often in a week or less!

Yeah, right.

The internet is full of so-called scar removal gels. So where does this product land in the grand scheme of things? In this review we’re going to talk about Dermefface FX7, the scar removal gel (yes, we’ll use that word here, bear with me), and if it’s worth your hard-earned dollar.

Dermefface FX7 Product Review

Dermefface FX7 is a scar removing serum. It’s a Skinception product made with 7 active ingredients that slough away dead, scarred skin cells and encourage cellular turnover. That in turn leads to new skin that isn’t scarred (gasp!), which is the reason you bought a scar removal gel in the first place.

Rated: Excellent

I’m pleased to say that Dermefface works. I’ve used it extensively and spoken to others who’ve used it as well. It’s at the top of scar removers for a variety of reasons: efficacy is the most important, followed by the formula, speed of results and the company behind it.

Dermefface works on each of those criteria. If you use Dermefface, you’ll get rid of scarring, whether it’s an old mark or a wound you want to manage (so it doesn’t turn into a scar!). In the event it doesn’t work, the product comes with one of the best guarantees in the business.

There’s a visible company behind it too – Skinception – which has an excellent reputation among premium skincare products.


Dermefface can help you get rid of scarring. Use it to:

Get rid of old or new scars

Painlessly reduce scarring

Stop worrying about people looking at your scar!

Like most scar removing serums, Dermefface is easy to use. Just apply it to your scar about twice a day, each day, and you’re good to go. Individual results will vary, but most Dermefface customers tend to be very happy with their scarring (or lack thereof!) after about 6 months.

To be clear, this isn’t a ‘get rid of scarring FAST!’ product. You should be wary of promises like that. Slow and steady wins this race – expect to use Dermefface for about 6 months or long if your scar is prominent.

You’ll be very happy with your results from Dermefface, believe me!


An Excellent formula

Results within 3-6 months

A 90 day money back guarantee

Works for almost any scar

Skinception’s Reputation

Great Value


Shipping not cheap

Results may vary


The name ‘Dermefface FX7’ is a reference to the 7 active ingredients in the Dermefface formula. The company that makes Dermefface, Skinception, makes high quality skincare products like Kollagen Intensiv and Eyelasticity. The company has obviously used their extensive knowledge of dermatology in making this product.

The ingredients in this serum are clinically studied and work like poetry together. A closer look reveals:

DI Panthenol

The formula is designed to encourage regeneration of skin tissue and multiple studies have been done on these ingredients. For example, DI Panthenol has shown to increase superficial wound healing by 30%.

And ProCollOne is proven to stimulate collagen in healthy human fibroblasts by up to 1190% – and it’s right there in Dermefface (at 2% concentration) to help replace your scarred skin with new, unscarred skin cells to take its place.


Dermefface FX7 is not the cheapest scar removal gel, but it’s the best – and way up there in value. A single bottle of this scar eraser costs $59.95. The bottle alone is worth about $80, given what’s in the formula, but this option also gets you a free loofah and a free bottle of Skinception’s exfoliator, called Microderm Facial Exfoliator.

That is an excellent value for $59.95.

The value gets bigger the higher you get. A three month supply costs $129.95 and saves you $50 – plus you get the loofah, exfoliator and a $25 to use on

At three months, you should definitely see scar reduction.

Yet for the biggest value with Dermefface FX7, opt for the 6 Month Supply. That gets you 6 months of Dermefface FX7, the loofah, exfoliator, gift card to Natural Health Source AND a $160 discount.

You’ll pay $199.95 for that – and guaranteed results. Frankly, you could spend ten times that much trying to remove a scar and not enjoy the scar reduction you’d see with Dermefface FX7. It’s a keeper.


As with all Skinception products, this product has a 97 day money back guarantee. That gets you 90 days to return the product and 7 days for shipping for your money back minus shipping and handling if you don’t see visible scar reduction.

Trust me, you won’t return it!


Dermefface FX7 is the best scar removal gel you’ll find. It’s the total package: great formula, good reputation, excellent value and that generous guarantee, plus the most important factor – RESULTS – that make stand out. Try Dermefface FX7 if you have a scar you want to reduce. This product will help handle that job with exceptional skill.

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