Flat Belly Fast Review: Free DVD from Danette May

Flat Belly Fast is a top new weight loss program that helps you quickly get rid of belly fat while losing 10 pounds or more. Created by a top nutritionist named Danette May, the program is part of the larger plan she has created known as Eat Drink and Shrink. Danette May also includes a fitness program as part of her regime. She knows how to include natural elements as part of her program so you can get the body you want while staying healthy.

Flat Belly Fast Overview

Flat Belly Fast DVD

American society tends to reward immediate reward of goals for consumers — not a long term, slow process toward success. For weight loss, this is a problem, because true benefits only come with commitment, effort, and time. For those who struggle with exercise and diet programs over the long run, the Flat Belly Fast Program can help. Involving several techniques that are proven to help you not just look fitter and thinner, but truly become that way as well.


The program includes a number of benefits to help you gain a flat belly in the shortest possible time. In addition to a number of key lessons, you’ll learn breathing and mental techniques to flatten the stomach, as well as how to incorporate good posture to get a leaner and stronger stomach/core. You’ll learn how to boost metabolism to burn fat longer and more quickly every day, and how to use short, frequent bursts of workout activity to stimulate your metabolism. These benefits have the effect of giving you a flat stomach and helping build up your strength reserves as well, letting you stay on with other exercise and diet regimes in the future. You can keep doing the program as often as you need to continue losing weight, going down in 10 pound increments as you wish.

How the Program Works

The great thing about this program is that it allows you to learn tools from a certified nutritionist and personal trainer: Danette May. May knows a number of proven methods to help you lose weight — she has dedicated her life to doing so. She also has a number of other physical health certifications, including a pre-med degree. She really knows her stuff.

The meal plan for this program includes six times per day meals, dividing your meals between a number of fat-burning recipes. These include curry quinoa, chicken with basil, thai stir fry, and chicken pasta. She also includes a chicken artichoke pizza recipe and cowboy caviar. All her meals are made from 100% natural ingredients that are both tasty and healthy. They don’t take long at all to make and you can quickly feed them to family members as well as yourself — to keep the excuse of a “busy schedule” out of the way.

In addition, Flat Belly Fast includes a 10 day regimen for exercise. The DVD that you will receive when ordering shows you the exercises you should do daily to energize yourself and be prepared to take on the day.

User Reviews

A number of users of Flat Belly Fast have found the program to be truly effective. Many users find that the regime takes just 10 days to see serious results, as instructed. However, many users keep on doing the program longer than that because of its great benefits.

This means in one week and a half, you will see results. One user pointed out that she got a firmer, slimmer abdomen faster with this program than she did for any other weight loss regime. She also found that the meals were super simple to put together, which helped her stay on track with her meal plans.

Another user found that the program was affordable, easy to follow, and effective. She liked that the exercise routine wasn’t hard to do at all — and she even enjoyed doing the routine, where she hated doing most other programs.


Flat Belly Fast is a powerful weight loss and diet program that is fast, effective, and proven. Designed by a certified fitness and weight loss expert, this program will give you the belly you want in less time than other programs — and can be implemented at any time in life when you need to lose weight. Designed to be simple, effective, and powerful, Flat Belly Fast is easy to follow and will give you serious results for a low cost.

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