Force Factor Cannabol Review

While there are a ton of pre and post workout supplements available for athletes, there aren’t nearly as many intra-workout supplements. Intra-workout supplements are essentially what will power you through your entire workout. It will help you go harder, longer, and stronger, keeping your muscles feeling great. One such supplement is Force Factor Cannabol, designed to help bodybuilders and non-bodybuilders alike to build a ton of size and power. Here’s a quick review of the product and who it’s right for.

Force Factor Cannabol: Boost Your Workouts!

What’s in Cannabol?
Included in Force Factor Cannabol is a unique blend. It contains numerous vitamins and supplements including riboflavin, niacine, folate, and vitamin B12. Its anabolic amino acid matrix contains L-Leucine, Lysine, Phelynlanine, Threonine, Valine, Isoleucine, and Methionine. As exclusive BCAAs or (branch chain amino acids), Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are extremely helpful in starting the process of muscle protein buildup in the body.

L-Leucine as a Powerhouse of Fuel
Leucine is actually shown to be one of the most powerful muscle builders available. It uses the mTOR Pathway, or mechanistic target of rapamycine. This means it will suck up all that Leucine in the bloodstream, making you build muscle more quickly. Many experiments have been done on this powerful little supplement. The results have shown that no matter how it was taken, leucine always helped with protein synthesis. Thanks to its mTOR activation, leucine helps to switching on the muscle protein machine within the body. It will also help you lose weight and hold onto muscle a t the same time, according to a study done at the university of Illinois, weight loss experiments were performed. Those who took high leucine diets experienced more weight and fat loss while preserving lean body mass.

L-Ornithine for Reducing Waste in the Muscles 172590_1427319086
In addition, Cannibol contains L-Ornithine HCL for waste detox. The kidneys actually convert ornithine into arganine, which helps to dilate blood vessels when you need more blood during workouts. It will also help in creatine production, which is crucial for contraction and expansion. Nutrition Research, a well-known bodybuilding journal, found that subjects who took ornithine felt less fatigued during exercise. So this supplement will help you stay stronger longer.

Threonine to Help Build Connective Tissue
The additions of theronine in this product also help to promote muscle growth. This ingredient helps with liver, nervous, and cardiovascular function. It can help to build connective tissue faster in the body, and when combined with aspartic acid and methione, it will actually make your whole body run more efficiently — increasing the overall amount of energy you have.

Phenylanine for Increased Neurotransmitter Production
Phenylanine is another important amino acid within this supplement. It helps to produce dopamine and norepinephrine, which are two important neurotransmitters that make you feel more alert and more energetic.

Limits Muscle Breakdown and Helps to Increase Effectiveness of Workouts
Essentially, Force Factor Cannabol works by limiting muscle breakdown, hydrating your cells, and eliminating muscle waste byproducts. Users say it can help increase strength and endurance, to get better pumps in the gym or faster, harder runs on cardio days. It can help you keep up a great level of energy during your workouts. And it can also help you see faster gains.

Tastes Great!
One of the great benefits of this version of the product is that it includes no added carbs or sugar. The thing about leucine is that if you take it by itself, it tastes pretty bad. But users say that this product tastes great even though it contains quite a bit of leucine. The vitamin taste is somewhat noticeable, but since it has only artificial sweetening to taste, it is not overpoweringly sweet. Users also reported that as an intra workout supplement, it helped to minimize rest time. For cardio, it helps keep up a strong pace through the whole workout. One user said he felt decreased soreness and could go longer in the gym. Betaine, as an added ingredient, also helps with endurance and stamina.

No Side Effects and Affordable Price
There are no side effects that have been reported from this supplement, perhaps due to its proprietary blend of amino acids. Retailing at just $50 on the website, it’s definitely affordable and can be obtained online — at the retail price, or in some cases even lower. The product definitely delivers on its key claims and users say it really does help boost workout effectiveness. If you are looking for a great intra workout supplement, Force Factor Cannabol is one to try.


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