Force Factor Test X180 Review

If you’re seeking a way to maximize your muscle mass, enhance workout performance, and boost sex drive and libido, Force Factor Test X180 is a great way to do it. The natural effects of aging cause the production of testosterone to decline in the male body. You can just accept this fact, or look for ways to build bigger muscles and feel fantastic.

Force Factor Test X180: Naturally Boost Testosterone!

Ingredients in Force Factor Test X180right-frequency-muscle-growth-neveux
Included in the ingredients list is Vitamin D, B6, and B12. The key power formula includes Testofen Siberian Ginseng, in 400mg dosage, as well as Panax Ginseng root extract. So what makes Testofen effective as a supplement? It naturally increases androgen production. This important because androgens are steroids, which help to control the development of male sexual characteristics. Siberian ginseng, a core part of this formula, is known as an adaptogen, or a substance that strengthens the body and increases resistance to stress. Used to improve athletic performance and the ability to do work, this supplement is great for athletes.

Testofen as a Way to Improve Performance and Testosterone
Derived from fenugreek seeds, Testofen is a proven testosterone boosting supplement and therefore helps to combat numerous medical issues, mainly helping to support testosterone production. In a study done on rats, fenugreek was found to cause an increase in the weight of the levator ani — which is a muscle found to promote anabolic steroid actions within males. It has been shown to increase serum testosterone over eight weeks in resistance trained human males, relative to testosterone decline based on the baseline level of hormone at start.

What Customers Say
Customer reviews of Force Factor Test X180 are positive. One user, a 33 year old male, said that he’d been told by his doctor that his testosterone levels were low. Being fairly active, his doctor advised him to take this supplement without prescription drugs. Trying Testofen through Force Factor X180 gave him the needed boost he was hoping for — some extra energy and motivation he’d been missing. Another customer said that as a natural way of keeping at a healthy testosterone level, this product is an excellent choice. It’s also got a free trial offer, so you can test it out to see if you like it before committing.

Reduce Body Fat Levels and Feel Stronger
Testofen has also been known to improve fat metabolism and lower obesity risk. During a test, one study using 2500mg of Testofen for 3 months found that a reduction in blood sugar in persons with Type 2 diabetes occurred. This means that both blood lipid parameters including cholesterol and triglycerides were lowered. Thus, the supplement can lower blood lipids, meaning it will ultimately help to control fat metabolism (and improve the body’s ability to burn fat).

Another study found that Testofen activates muscular uptake of glucose, activating an intermediate hormone in insulin signaling known as PI3K. This causes an increase in glycogen replenishment after intense exercise. Especially true post HIIT (or high intensity interval training), Testofen actually increases the effects of exercise in healthy males.

Muscle Building Gains and Improved Recovery Time
In addition to Testofen, Force Factor Test X180 contains cordyceps sinensis, a traditional reagent in Chinese medicine. It’s typically used to treat fatigue and cancer, but it can actually help with the uptake of testosterone and the ability of the body to synthesize fat metabolism. This supplement helps to shorten recovery time, build muscle, and increase energy. Each bottle contains 60 capsules — which you can take with breakfast and before exercise. You’ll see better results with the supplement if you work out regularly and eat a healthy diet. Many users have reported that it is a great supplement to stack with other probiotics and omega 3 supplements. This will cause your energy levels to skyrocket and your pump level in the gym to go up enormously.

Great for Either Strength Training or Cardio and Endurance
Switching your workout from strength and mass building to endurance and cardio shouldn’t be a problem at all, if you’d like to change from bulking to fat loss. You’ll see results either way. One user reported getting his endurance based workout down from an hour to 35 minutes. His energy was steady throughout the workout, but he felt tired and ready for bed at a normal time, without getting the “crash.” Without Force Factor Test X180, he experienced feeling snappy and a less mellow mood.

Ultimately, this is a great, affordable supplement to try if you’re in need of a good testosterone booster that will help with energy, sex drive, and overall performance in the gym. Force Factor Test X180 is easy to take and provides benefits within just a few minutes, so it’s definitely one of the best on the market.

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