Intellux Review: Is this Nootropic a Brain Booster?

A 100% natural supplement designed from the most powerful nootropic formula available, Intellux improves clarity of the mind, focus, precision of your cognitive process, and overall motivation and energy. The supplement is designed using phosphatidylserine, a key complex that is part of the research study for smart pills all over the world. As a natural nootropic smart pill, this supplement helps you feel more alert and engaged each day, performing better than you ever have in the past.

Intellux Ingredients


They key ingredient in Intellux is phosphatidylserine, a complex derived from cows that actually helps to treat decline of the memory, Alzheimer’s, and other brain decaying illnesses. Helpful in maintaining proper cell function within the brain, phosphatidylserine is generally taken in does of one hundred milligrams up to three times per day.


Intellux has a number of important uses. For one, it helps to keep creative thinking at a maximum, enhancing the energy of your cognition and recall of memory. It can even help to boost your IQ by more than 50%. Many users have reported that the use of Intellux has carried over into other areas of their lives, including relationships, daily mood, and level of energy.

How Intellux Works

This nootropic is designed to work in such a way that your mind will being to feel much more still and calm after use, thanks to the addition of natural compounds within the formula. Phosphatidylserine is truly a supplement that is natural and holistic, occurring within the body on its own, which makes it safe for all types of users to take. Unlike caffeine or performance enhancing pills, this drug actually helps you to stay focused in a way that is completely healthy and natural, with no added fillers or chemicals.

A Scientific Basis for Intellux

Unlike many other drugs, Intellux has a formula grounded in science. Thanks to several scientific studies done on this product, it’s found that participants who used the formula actually gained greater creative problem solving ability and concentration. Their IQ scores went up from a baseline of 15% to roughly 50% over the course of ninety days, while there were no reported side effects or problems that happened later on. Subjects took one Intellux capsule daily and found that their results went on over the course of 3 months, continuing to boost positive effects and results.

How to Use Intellux

Usage for this pill is quite simple. You only need to take one dose each day, in the form of one capsule, and you’ll start to see a difference. Taking one pill per day will help to build up the compound in your system, the effects becoming more pronounced the longer you use it. At the end of three weeks, you’ll start to see a significant cognitive performance increase.

Buying Intellux

Sold directly through the company website, you can easily obtain a discount when purchasing in bulk. You can also obtain a free trial in some cases, allowing you to sample the product before buying a larger shipment.

User Feedback and Reviews

Users of Intellux have found the supplement to be extremely useful and effective in enhancing cognitive mood and performance. Unlike a number of other nootropic supplements, this one promises top results while also keeping chemicals and fillers out of your system. One user said he’d increased his mental performance at work so much that he actually got a raise and a better performance review. Another user said that she was struggling to finish her exams on time and had to try to think very hard to remember key dates and facts for her class. After taking Intellux, she no longer struggled with this problem, actually finding that she was able to complete her studies in less time than ever before.

Another user, who was beginning to age and found she had a hard time remembering important information, decided to try this supplement and found her performance in every day life skyrocketed, helping her gain confidence.


As an important nootropic supplement, Intellux is one of the best formulas available to help users all over the world. Rather than struggling to remember things or get through challenging mental tasks, this supplement will boost your mood, your performance, and your cognitive ability in all areas. It is also easy to order and quite convenient to ship, making it a great choice for anyone seeking a good nootropic for enhancing cognitive function.


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