Keranique Review – Hair Regrowth for Women

Keranique is an all-natural line of products designed to help women suffering from hair loss regain a thicker, fuller head of hair. As of right now, it is the only natural solution for female hair loss that contains an FDA-Approved ingredient that is clinically proven to regrow hair.


Does Keranique really work or is it just another hair loss scam like we’ve seen so many other times?

How Keranique Works

Keranique is actually a three-step program that is designed to cleanse the scalp and facilitate new hair growth. This supplement claims that women lose their hair due to stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and malnutrition. Their solution is the Keranique system, which is designed to combat female hair loss and enable new hair growth once more

According to Keranique, here is how their product works:

  • Step 1 – Cleanse and Condition: Strengthens and thickens the hair, reduces buildup, and promotes microcirculation so hair can absorb nutrients
  • Step 2 – Regrow: Contains the FDA-approved ingredient to regrow thicker, fuller hair within weeks
  • Step 3 – Rejuvenate: Increase fullness and volume instantly and repair and protect against breakage and damage from heat

In all, there are four main products that come with this package, which include the Amplifying Lift Spray, Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Optimizing Keratin Conditioner, and the Hair Regrowth Treatment.

These four products work in unison to deliver results. If you don’t use the entire system, then it seems as if Keranique is not quite as useful.

keranique-trialMinoxidil– The Secret Ingredient

After some research, we’ve discovered the secret ingredient in Keranique is “Minoxidil.”  According to the FDA, minoxidil does promote the growth of hair, although it may initially cause hair to fall out.

It does also say that minoxidil does not work for everyone, although it is currently the most effective compound on the market.

Like the popular male hair loss product Rogaine, Keranique contains 2% minoxidil, which is considered to be an effective dosage.

Is It Safe?keranique-reviews

We don’t have a full list of ingredients on all of the ingredients listed in Keranique’s four products, but based on what we do know about minoxidil, we can safely say that it is overwhelmingly safe.

As we mentioned above, minoxidil may cause hair to fall out initially, but it can and will help your hair regrow once it takes effect. As for the rest of the ingredients, we’ve read hundreds of reviews and haven’t found anything that would suggest Keranique is unsafe.

How to Buy Keranique

This product is available for purchase through out sit by clicking the banner below.

However, you’ve also got the option to opt in to try a free trial of Keranique. If you opt for this method, then you’ll receive a 30-day supply of Keranique that you can have shipped directly to your door for only the price of shipping and handling.

The free trial gives you 30 days to try the hair growth system to see if it works for you. If you like your results, you’ll be billed for the full cost of the products, and you’ll receive another monthly shipment until you successfully have restored your hair to you liking.

Conclusion – Is Keranique Worth It?

Keranique has been one of the best-selling hair growth products for women for years now. It provides mostly successful results and the risk-free trial is definitely generous enough to make us believe it’s worth trying.

Do we think this is a miracle product – no. Do we think it can help you see noticeably thicker, fuller hair? Absolutely.  If you’re a woman who’s suffered from hair loss, then give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.


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