Lecithin Benefits: Brain and Nervous System Support

The benefits of lecithin are numerous, ranging all the way from cardiovascular improvement to artery protection and memory enhancement. Composed primarily of substances from natural fats that boost health throughout the body, lecithin was coined by Theodore Gobley. Lecithin occurs in animals and plants as a natural substance, and is increasingly becoming used for health and wellness benefits. The substance can help to boost liver health, ward off blood clotting, and even help to improve the metabolism. It helps to benefit both the mind and body, and can be taken as a supplement to encourage positive health.

Benefits of Lecithin

Lecithin has proven itself to be a useful memory enhancer. Studies have found that lecithin has promised important enhancements to brain function, particularly in individuals with early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s. The substance itself boosts brain function by enhancing neurotransmitter recall and encouraging new growth of neurons. Lecithin is thus shown to help the brain remember important facts and information.

Liver repair and artery protection is another important aspect of how this supplement functions. It has been shown to act as a sheath, or protective barrier, to keep membranes strong and ward off debris from sticking to arteries. This is because lecithin is made mainly of fat, which will help it to act as a preventative measure of warding off atherosclerosis.

Inositol as a Health Enhancing Substance

One of the important chemical components of lecithin is known as inositol. This substance is used by the body to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels at the range which is considered healthy. It also helps in providing important materials to your body to break down fat, grow skin and hair, and maintain regular heart rate and circulation. This supplement is known to be beneficial as a similar supplement to vitamin B, since lecithin itself has B-vitamin similar makeup.

Inositol is the aspect of lecithin that is similar to vitamin B, and for this reason, it will help anyone who needs to take vitamin B for health reasons.

Tastes Great and Is Easy to Add to Your Diet

Lecithin isn’t one of those supplements that is gross to taste or difficult to add to your regular diet. All you need to do is add one or two tbsps to your regular smoothie, protein shake, or breakfast foods like oatmeal and yogurt. You can even add it to your meals as a salad dressing addition, cereal addition, or even added into muffin and pancake mix. Since it is very nutty and mild-tasting, it actually enhances the flavors in many of your regular dietary items.

Brain and Mental Benefits

Lecithin is known as a mental and brain boosting helper since it is able to boost muscular function, memory, learning, hormone levels, sleep, and other important parts of body function. It is considered helpful in allowing you to add new information to your brain stores and also retain what information you have collected. This supplement is a great way to ward off memory problems as you age or just to help keep your brain in tip top shape.

Reviews of Lecithin from Users

Many folks who take lecithin find it a great way to supplement your regular diet. It is inexpensive, easy to take, and tastes good. One user of lecithin said that after taking it, he found he was much more energetic and youthful in his regular daily activities. He felt younger and more clear-headed thanks to the brain boosting benefits of inositol and neuron growth. Another user pointed out that she had been having a hard time regulating her blood pressure due to genetic conditions. After taking this supplement on the advice of her doctor, she found that the product regulated her blood pressure level without any problem at all, letting her drop back into the normal range. She takes the product regularly to ensure proper heart function and cardiovascular health, and is proving to be healthy every time she goes to the doctor.


The benefits of lecithin are widespread. Acting as heart helper, brain booster, and overall health and wellness enhancing supplement, lecithin tastes great and is easy to add as a supplement to your diet. Thanks to its key vitamin B-like properties, the supplement is useful for achieving strong memory, cardiovascular improvement, and other benefits such as improved cognition and wellness. It is inexpensive and can be found at most grocery or health stores, as well as online through special retailers.

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