Low Testosterone Causes: Also Known as Male Hypogonadism

Low Testosterone

Causes of low testosterone in men range from a number of debilitating sources. In general, low testosterone, known also as male hypogonadism, is a serious problem that can result in lowered confidence, sex drive, ability to function, and clear thinking. There are two different versions of hypogonadism, which are primary and secondary. In general, low testosterone can be remedied using supplements or medical intervention, while the low testosterone causes can be identified once you’ve determined the main symptoms causing your hormone failure.

Types of Low Testosterone Causes

The two different types of lowered testosterone are primary and secondary. Primary lowered testosterone comes from a testicular function failure. This type is best identified and remedied by consulting a physician.

With secondary lowered testosterone, the pituitary gland or hypothalamus are responsible for causing lowered testosterone. Within the hypothalamus, a certain hormone is created causing the body to create luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone is what is necessary for testosterone production in full. Without enough luteinizing hormone, you body won’t be able to create adequate amounts of testosterone.

Reasons for Lowered Testosterone

In men, low testosterone causes can range from a variety of sources, including viral infections like mumps, Klinefelter syndrome, or undescended testicles as causes of primary testosterone failure. In secondary lowered testosterone, testicles have functioned normally but other reasons are leading to lowered testosterone in the body. These range from inflammatory disease to pituitary gland problems to Kallmann’s syndrome.

Low Testosterone Causes in Men

Kallmann’s syndrome, a cause of low testosterone, is when the hypothalamus is not developing properly. This leads to a host of symptoms including red green color blind issues, smell reduction, and overall inability to secrete hormones in the pituitary gland properly.

Additionally, there are another types of pituitary disorders including tumors near the gland, which can cause hormone deficiencies. Inflammatory disease can be a major problem, causing tuberculosis, histiocytosis, and sarcoidosis.

Other causes, which are generally just natural reasons that testosterone levels start to decline, include aging, medication use, obesity, or stress. Many reasons for testosterone reduction can be prevented by simply maintaining adequate health and exercise.

Natural Causes of Low Testosterone

Many reasons for lowered testosterone in the body are actually preventable. Around age thirty, men start to naturally drop off in testosterone production. This leads to a sense of lowered self-confidence, depression, and lethargy for some men. However, the causes for lowered testosterone include dietary issues (not having adequate nutrition or eating too much junk food), lack of exercise, lack of adequate testosterone supplementation, and simple nutrient failure. If the body doesn’t get enough sleep or undergoes too much stress, this can also cause lowered testosterone in the body.

Many men are under a serious about of stress from their jobs, school, emotional problems, or other external factors causing them to feel less than their best. For this reason, getting adequate testosterone supplementation is absolutely crucial. Without enough testosterone, you simply won’t enjoy a full, rich quality of life.

Ways to Remedy Low Testosterone Levels

Including dietary changes, additional exercise routines, and overall improvements in sleep and stress, there are many ways to fix low testosterone. You can add a natural supplement to your diet that will allow you to quickly feel more strong thanks to improved testosterone — simply by adding Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, or Saw Palmetto to your daily intake. These are natural herbal-based remedies for low testosterone, which can often be fixed simply by adding holistic supplements to the diet.

Additionally, working on reducing emotional stress, maintaining a healthy mind and body, and otherwise creating the necessary conditions in your job or work life will help to reduce low testosterone causes as well. Low testosterone can be remedied by increasing the amount of sleep you get every night, while also attending to any pituitary gland dysfunctions or central hypogonadism issues that might be causing your testosterone levels to drop.


Low testosterone causes in men range anywhere from genetic disorders to pituitary gland problems to obesity, nutritional problems, or excess stress. Aging is another reason that low testosterone begins to occur, but in most men, these problems can be solved when dietary and exercise problems are addressed while also adding a natural testosterone-enhancing supplement to the diet. Simply by looking at all the reasons for testosterone deficiency, the patient can almost always identify the main causes for hormone problems and then quickly start to rectify them.

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