The Mayo Clinic Diet Review – Online Weight Loss Program

Hands down, one of the most difficult things to do is losing weight. There are thousands of “solutions” available in the market such as supplements, surgery, exercise regimens, and diet programs, but only a small few have really been proven to be effective.

Coming from one of the most trusted names in medical research is The Mayo Clinic Diet. Yep, that’s right, this diet program comes from the very doctors and nutritionists that contribute to the world’s largest integrated nonprofit medical group practice. If you go to any search engine and search for any medical term or condition, chances are, the first site that pops up is Mayo Clinic.

Based on the bestselling book, The Mayo Clinic Diet, comes their online program version that gives you a personalized journal specifically made for your body, your lifestyle, and your weight loss goals.

Let’s take a look at what this online program is all about.

What is The Mayo Clinic Diet Online Program?

This online diet program guarantees that you lose somewhere between 6 to 10 pounds in just 2 short weeks. The main premise of the diet revolves around having a balanced and healthy diet, as what the general medical community believes can lead to effective weight loss.

The Mayo Clinic is a trusted name in health and the official diet program was designed by a team of weight loss experts to help you lose weight but not just over a course of 2 weeks but to help you change your lifestyle.

You start the program by making a free profile of your body, age, diet, and lifestyle. The program then creates a specific program that targets your weight loss problems, and gives you a detailed plan to help you shed off the pounds and to live an overall healthier life.

What Does The Mayo Clinic Diet Program Consist Of?
The online program consists of two phases: Lose it and Live it. The first phase of the program, which is the Lost It phase, focuses on removing 5 unhealthy eating habits and replacing them with 5 healthy eating habits. An example of a bad eating habit is eating while you’re watching TV, which the authors believe lead to overeating as you won’t realize you’ve actually nibbled on too much food that your body actually needs.

The Lose It phase limits some of your food options and portions, and requires you to do some moderately intense exercises to get your weight loss started.

The second phase of the program consists of the Live It phase where you are taught healthy eating habits that will allow you to lose 1-2 pounds per week. The result of the two phases could potentially lead to a 50-100 pound weight loss when you follow the program for at least one year.

The program also provides you with their detailed food pyramid, which considers fruits and vegetables as the healthiest, and thus, belongs to the base of the pyramid, and tells you what kind of food you should eat the most. You can still eat your favorite foods such as pizza but always in moderation.

What Makes this Diet Stand Out?
Now you might be thinking that the diet sounds like any other diet out there, but it’s actually very unique on its own. Let’s take a look at what makes it different from any other diet program out there:

  • It’s a diet for life – it’s not a diet for 2 weeks or a month: it requires you to change your eating habits for good.
  • There is no calorie counting involved.
  • Developed by the best weight loss experts behind Mayo Clinic
  • Benefits include reduces the risks for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases.
  • If you already have heart disease, the diet can help to lower risks of progression since the recipes and food suggestions are considered heart-healthy.

How to Join the Program
To join the online program, simply visit The Mayo Clinic Diet website, create a free profile, pay $4 per week, and you get your very own personalized diet program. The first 7 days of the program is actually free, which is a big plus since you can gauge whether or not you actually like the program before you make that investment to purchasing the entire program.

A Mayo Clinic Diet iPhone app also comes with the program to get you motivated and on track. Round the clock support, notifications, and easy to use interactive tools will help you get a better grip on the program and what you need to accomplish.

The Bottom Line
Overall, it works on a great premise that comes from scientific research. The amount of effort is moderate and just about every ingredient found in the recipes can easily be found in any grocery store, making it relatively easy to follow the program. It’s not an overnight solution nor is it a quick fix to weight loss but it’s a great program if you want to eat healthier and look better for life.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet Review

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