My Bikini Belly Review: Lose Fat in Time for Summer?

My Bikini Belly is a top new exercise video program that shows you exactly what you need to lose weight fast and without effort. Offering a number of great programs to quickly give you the best body of your life, My Bikini Body offers a low price and easy delivery through downloadable video format. Geared toward women age 35 and over, the program shows you a specific technique designed to handle menopause hormones and the slowing down of the female metabolism as aging goes on.

My Bikini Belly Overview

My Bikini Belly

Women tend to carry the menopause gene, as the program points out, in their DNA. After a certain age, the gene actually prevents the metabolism from burning fat around the midsection like it used to. This is why it is so hard for women to lose weight after menopause around their middle — even if they exercise all the time. My Bikini Belly shows you exactly what you need to do to turn off that pesky gene, and get your metabolism back in the same shape it was when you were younger. While the program won’t immediately give you a nice flat belly with popping abdominals, it does give you a leg up on your efforts.

A Two-fold Approach

My Bikini Belly offers a two-fold approach to conquering the battle against belly fat — simply by helping you avoid two pesky belly fat triggers. These triggers include turning off your belly shrinking hormones, and turning on your menopause molecules. These two problems crop up for many women and cause the metabolism to screech to a halt.

When menopause takes place, the hormones are no longer balanced, making your metabolism slow way down. Fat will quickly accumulate around your midsection and cause problems. My Bikini Belly reverses this menopause molecule issue, giving you natural exercises to keep your menopause molecules turned off.

Secondly, My Bikini Belly uses important exercises that make your belly look slimmer — not trigger the belly shrinking hormone to be turned off, the way may crunches and sit-ups often do. The downfall of these kind of exercises is that they are commonly touted as being good for slimming the midsection — when in reality they aren’t. My Bikini Belly avoids these exercises and shows you which ones to do to promote a lean and slim middle area.

Boosts Metabolism

My Bikini Belly shows you precisely what you need to do to activate your metabolism to its fullest and avoid problematic exercises. It switches off the menopause molecules, turns on the belly shrinking hormone, and revs up your metabolism to its fullest. Using a range of different exercises, the program shows you which workouts are best for activation of each step.

The Program’s Creator

The creator of My Bikini Belly is a personal fitness instructor and studio owner who has helped women over the last 25 years get the body they want. She is well-researched and has a true passion for helping others. Ms. Kaminski created the program from her studio in Alberta, where she produces a training program and guide for Female Fat Loss for women over 40 as well as a number of exercise programs.

User Reviews

A number of users have commented on how well the exercise systems of this program helps to boost body fat burning in just 24 hours. One user said she liked the Bikini Belly Burn exercise that gave her good workouts for her abs that started out slow and got more difficult as she worked through them. She also liked the Bikini Belly Flush exercise — which helped to turn off her menopause molecules and forced her body to begin the belly fat burning process. She saw a huge difference in a short period of time.

Another user said that the Bikini Belly Blast program was a great ab workout that boosted her metabolism and thermogenesis functions, keeping her body in a good state to keep burning belly fat for over the next seventy-two hours.


My Bikini Belly is a simple-to-follow, user-friendly guide to combating the pesky problem of belly fat around the midsection. Rather than having to accept that you are forced to carry excess weight after menopause, this program shows you what you need to do to turn off menopause hormones and engage your metabolism. It helps users quickly lose weight after reaching menopause in a way that is safe, natural, and fully affordable.

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