NO Booster Review: Nitric Alpha Uptake

Nitric Alpha Uptake

One of the top new supplements on the market for men who want to build plenty of powerful, lean muscle and get rid of pesky unwanted body fat is Nitric Alpha Uptake. Containing important supplements that help your body to feel more powerful, have more strength, and recover faster from your workouts, Nitric Alpha Uptake promotes enhanced delivery of oxygen to the blood vessels, resulting in better gains during workouts.


The primary PumpViv NO2 Blend within this formula contains L-Arginine Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine, and L-arginine Monohydrocholoride. It also contains L-Citrulluine and Dipotassium Phosphate, two important agents that assist in the delivery and uptake of nitric oxide.

Nitric Alpha Uptake Benefits

The main benefits of nitric oxide are to help the body’s muscle tissues recover faster and build additional muscle tissue to promote enhanced power. This leads to a number of benefits. First, you will gain better pumps at each session. Second, your recovery time will be faster and you will build new lean muscle tissues more quickly. Thirdly, you will experience better strength, stamina, and endurance on the whole. This is due to the ability of Nitric Oxide to enhance uptake and vasodilation, or oxygen promotion through the bloodstream.


A number of users have discussed the benefits of this product after starting a routine of using it. One user, a male age 25, found that it was easier for him to complete his workouts — which were heavy powerlifting sessions in the gym. He was having a hard time getting through his workouts using just basic sleep routines, exercise, and diet. He also found that he had more energy throughout the day as whole just from taking this supplement.

Another user, male, age 45, found that he felt a lot younger after he began taking Nitric Alpha Uptake. He read several studies backing the science behind the product before he decided to sample it of himself. His body mass as a whole went up because he gained more muscle tissue, but his body fat levels decreased. He found that even though he didn’t change his diet very much, he was still able to see enhanced gains while also losing body fat at the same time. This is because of the product’s ability to promote lean muscle tissue — which burns more calories than fat. He also started drinking more water which helped to flush excess toxins and body fat from his system.

Additional Benefits

As a pre-workout supplement, this product allows you to start experiencing enhanced workouts in a very short period of time. The blood vessel diameter of each of your blood vessels will actually increase as a result of taking L-arginine, which is part of the supplement formula. This means it is easier for your muscles to receive adequate blood flow, making them feel stronger and better. You will no longer have to worry about many of the problems that come with fatigue, lethargy, and depression as a result of decreased workout performance. You will also lose body fat while obtaining new levels of lean muscle, leaving you with a ripped, hard look.

As nitric oxide boosters tend to help you complete better workouts, they have a secondary benefit of helping you sleep better. This is because you’ll be expending more energy and will feel more tired at the end of the day because you’ll be exerting yourself fore efficiently. You’ll feel refreshed, revitalized, and stronger in every aspect of your life.

How it Works

The product aids in the uptake of nitric oxide intake to the blood vessels, allowing for increased oxygenation during workouts. This leads to the enhancement of performance during workouts, which lets you recover faster, have more power available during your workouts, and complete cardio and lifting training sessions more easily. The product basically improves general health by boosting blood flow to each of your major muscle groups.


As a supplement, Nitric Alpha Uptake promises enhanced muscle building, power, and recovery during workouts. You will feel stronger just from taking 2-3 capsules as directed before your workouts. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, the company will provide a full refund with no questions asked to make sure you are 100% satisfied. There is no risk involved with purchasing, which can be done through the secure order form on the company’s website.

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