Onnit Total Gut Health Review: Is it a Quality Probiotic?

Onnit Total Gut Health

A helpful new probiotic that optimizes the gut, Onnit Total Gut Health is an all-natural supplement intended to boost digestive processes. Helping to infuse the gut with key probiotics, the supplement includes eighteen packets of dietary infusions that help to keep your body’s system in prime shape. Total Gut Health includes several important vegetable and herbal compounds that work to improve your gut health while also keeping your entire body in good shape. A strong digestive system cures many ills, including upset stomach, fatigue, lethargy, depression, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Ingredients in Onnit Total Gut Health


Contained in the formula are certain probiotics, herbs, and vegetable extracts. Onnit Total Gut Health includes Jerusalem artichoke, betaine HCL, Digestech, and chamomile, as well as a comprehensive GI and herbal blend. Jerusalem artichoke is important in promoting healthy flora in the gut. Boosting your body’s health overall, this key nutrient helps to promote your GI system’s function. When food enters the gut, your body will immediately produce more bacteria of the good kind to aid in the digestive process. Chamomile is another key part of the formula, helping to boost upset stomach issues while giving you a better digestive system on the whole.

Additionally, betaine HCL helps to regularize stomach acidity while Digestech is an important blend of fiber, protein, carbohydrate, lactose, and enzymes.

Benefits of Onnit Total Gut Health

Including benefits to overall digestion, there are a number of key improvements to Total Gut Health for your entire body. First, the formula helps to keep your gut flora in balance, letting you experience superb health all day long both in mind and body. The product also helps to improve your ability to digest micronutrients, which aren’t always easy for the body to break down on its own. This supplement gives you the ability to quickly break down such ingredients, letting you gain better access to the important nutritional content in these small compounds. Additionally, Total Gut Health supports overall germ and bacteria resistance, due to grater immune support. Without a good balance of gut flora, your body cannot fight off infections. This product gives you the ability to quickly do so.

Pros and Cons

There are plenty of pros to the formula, including better overall gut health, immunities, and wellness. There are not many cons, except perhaps the price of the formula. However, this is negated by the benefits of Total Gut Health, which are numerous — and well worth the cost.

Why Gut Microorganisms Are Important

One of the important aspects of Total Gut Health is its ability to promote the barrier within the intestines. This barrier helps to break down current nutrients and metabolize food int he body. However, there are certain strains of gut flora and fauna that help to keep your body in better shape, and this product contains five that are key.

The main elements in Total Gut Health that promote good gut microorganism function are L. acidophilus, L. plant arum, B. infantis, B. Lactis, and L. rhamnosus. Each of these bacteria is vital in keeping your body able to absorb nutrients and break down new elements that come in.

Better Mood In Every Packet

The formula for Total Gut Health optimizes digestion in such a way that every packet helps to boost your mood all day long. The ingredients in this powerful product are such that you can more easily break down lactose, protein, carbs, fiber, starch, and fats. This is due to the addition of Digestech, which has key compounds that keep enzymes in good shape. You’ll find your mood improved on the whole as part of the packet supplement taken in each dose of this formula.

User Reviews

Those who take Total Gut Health on a regular basis typically find immediate improvements in their health on the whole. One user reported how quickly he noticed results, finding himself fin a better mood every day. He no longer had issues with his digestion — but what was more important, the restoration of proper gut flora actually kept his outlook much brighter than it would have been ordinarily. He no longer felt lethargic, depressed, and tired, instead finding his health restored to its optimal condition.

Another user found that after taking this product, she felt that she was better able to lose weight, remaining in great shape both physically and mentally after consuming a packet of this supplement. She no longer had problems keeping weight off, and found she had the energy to stick to a clean diet while also working out regularly.


Total Gut Health is a powerful supplement for proper digestion of all types of food as well as proper gut balance. When taking this supplement, you will find that you no longer suffer from ailments associated with bad digestion and have better immune function overall.


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