ProbioSlim Review

Are you experiencing trouble with digestion and having a hard time losing weight? You might consider a probiotic supplement. One such pill that is hot on the market, ProbioSlim, is a great way to help improve digestion and aid your weight loss efforts at the same time. Not only will it cleanse your digestive system, but it will help you more easily digest food and extract nutrients.

ProbioSlim Review: Healthy Weight Loss

How ProbioSlim Works
So how does ProbioSlim help you lose weight? In essence, this powerful supplement contains Lactospore, a probiotic that negates the effects of antibiotic overuse — which kill healthy bacteria in the gut and make us fatter. A study at New York University Medical Center found that antibiotic use does indeed contribute to weight gain. Conventionally farmed meat has a ton of antibiotics — and you’ve probably taken some too. Because they wipe out the good bacteria in your inner gut chamber, the bacteria that keep you lean are also dying off.

Diverse Gut Bacteria Contribute to Weight Lossprobioslim-ingredients
In our intestinal system, diversity in gut bacteria matters. Gut bacteria are able to harvest energy from food you take in, and some harvest more energy than others. Without a healthy ecosystem, you’re missing out on key nutrient harvesting. Bacteria in the gut provide over 10% of your daily calories.

Bifidobacteria, an important weight loss regulator in the gut, is lower in obese people. This means that having an imbalanced ecosystem definitely contributes to weight gain and predict obesity levels. Because gut bacteria regulate the release of satiety hormones, you need enough healthy bacteria in there to feel full after eating.

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Excess Weight
Another problem is leaky gut, or intestinal inflammation. This drives huge problems with blood sugar levels and rising obesity. If the gut barrier leaks, bacterial toxins will actually get into the bloodstream. Increasing intake of probiotics helps improve blood sugar and reduce leaky gut syndrome.

Green Tea and Caffeine for Metabolism Boosting
In addition, green tea and caffeine are included in this supplement. These two can actually boost your metabolism and help to burn fat as well. Green tea has particular bioactive substances that help out the body. In addition to caffeine, which improves exercise performance and stimulates blood flow, green tea contains catechins, which are potent antioxidants. EGCG, or Epigallocatechin gallate, is one substance that boosts metabolism. By increasing metablsolim, you’ll burn more fat, have more energy, and be able to eat more calories while still losing a ton of extra fat.

How Green Tea Burns Fat
So what is the process behind green tea burning fat within cells? In essence, fat first has to be broken down in the cell and taken into the blood stream. EGCG helps inhibit enzymes that break down norepinephrine, which increases amounts of norepinephrine in the nervous system. This particular hormone signals to fat cells to break down fat. So having more norepinephrine will lead to a strong message of breaking down fat cells in the blood stream.

When caffeine and EGCG work together, caffeine enhances the effects of green tea, causing even greater fat breakdown. The result of this is that fat cells break down more fat — and more energy for muscle cells, as a consequence.

Prebiotic Fruit Extract for Lower Insulin and Body Weight Levels
In addition, ProbioSlim contains prebiotic fruit extract. A study in 2009 looked at the effect of these supplements on overweight and obese individuals to determine change sin satiety hormones and body mass. It was found that those who took prebiotic supplement saw an overall loss of body weight, while those who didn’t stayed the same. The placebo group saw an increase in body weight and greater insulin levels.

Side Effects and Company Information
ProbioSlim isn’t known to have many side effects aside from minor intestinal gas and bloating, while possibly a bit of stomach ache or constipation from green tea. But due to the low amounts of these ingredients, it’s not likely you’ll feel any adverse side effects.

The supplement is made by NutraClick, an American company that has been put at #58 on Forbes Most Promising Companies list. They offer generous money back guarantees and have put out numerous popular supplements including Force Factor and Peak Life. The company is trustworthy and their products have been marketed by GNC and other supplement companies for many years now with good overall reviews by users of their products.

Conclusion – A Powerful, Natural Weight Loss and Digestion Supplement
Ultimately, this is one supplement that will aid weight loss, induce better digestive processes, and help you feel better all around — more energy for exercise, less appetite, and healthier gut bacteria will contribute to a better, healthier body and mind.


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