Review of Factor 2 by Force Factor

One of the most powerful and explosive new supplements on the market, Force Factor Factor 2 delivers energy, helps to enhance nutrient uptake, and amplifies stamina and strength during workouts. Choosing muscle-building supplements can be difficult, but one thing is clear: you need to select a supplement that is all-natural and still packs as much powerful as an artificial counterpart. Factor 2 is one such product that delivers on that promise.

Factor 2 by Force Factor: Safe, Powerful, Effective.Factor 2 Review

What Factor 2 by Force Factor Delivers
A pre-workout supplement, Force Factor Factor 2 helps to build strength and power while building your muscle-gain goals. This is due to Factor 2’s nitric oxide component. in addition, the supplement contains vitamin c, calcium, folic acid, and an input regeneration complex containing L-citrulline, lovage root, and CoQ10. It has a dynamic enzyme catalysis component as well, containing taurine, norvaline, and calcium.

Nitric Oxide: A Powerhouse Component
Nitric oxide, one of the key components of this supplement, is an incredible powerhouse of muscle building supplements. Many people think it’s just a basic nutrient helping our systems to feel less pain at the dentist, but nope: it’s a molecule that helps the body produce cells and transmit signals through the body. It helps to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow.

The NO/Oxygen Loop During Exercise
This powerful chemical is supplied through the body during exercise. When you run or do a weightlifting routine, your muscles demand increased oxygen — which the blood supplies. While your heart is pumping pressure into the blood supply and muscular tissue, your arteries are releasing nitric oxide into the blood to relax and widen your blood vessels — and let more blood pass through. Young people and athletes have extremely good nitric oxide systems, which is why they are energetic and resilient.

Why Nitric Oxide Helps Bodybuilders
Nitric oxide can also be increased through the consumption of l-citruilline, which Force Factor 2 has. It directly releases NO in your cells citrulline then gets recycled, making more NO. It only lasts a short time in the body. The reason NO is so important for bodybuilders is to help support blood flow during weight lifting routines — essentially making it easier to lift weights. While you’re exercising, it makes the arginine/nitric oxide/citrulline loop more efficient and helps to restore your workout power and recovery ability.

Other Key Ingredients in Force Factor 2 – Folic Acid and CoQ10
In addition to NO, Force Factor 2 contains folic acid, which is critical to increasing blood vessel function. It also helps to help create NO within the bloodstream. It helps to form hemoglobin in the blood and gives you better oxygen carrying power.

CoQ10, another important ingredient in this supplement, can add 9 or more years to your life expectancy according to research on this powerful nutrient. It is well known for both heart and cardiovascular benefits, helping your mitochondria in each cell burn fuel better. It powers your cells, aiding in protecting the brain and nervous system, in preventing metabolic syndrome, and enhancing overall performance levels.

A study found that stress on the brain and body was lowered when individuals took CoQ10 supplements, helping to increase oxidation and protect lung function. Thanks to its ability to help you breathe better, it’s useful for improving exercise performance.

User Feedback
The unique blend in Factor 2 helps to raise your body’s L-arginine level as well, to conquer those really tough workouts. Users say they see amazing results right away. One user went from 195 max weight to doing reps much more easily. He was “full of energy” and “wanted to use everything in the gym.” His muscle growth was reported to be substantial. This user took 4 on workout days, and 2 on non-workout days over the time frame allotted. In addition, eating an all-organic diet has been reported helpful for many users to see the most improvements. Another user said that he worked in a cheese packing plant and lugging around cheese throughout a 12-hour shift is very hard, especially as a 55 year old male. But having started to take this supplement, he can “keep up with the younger guys” on the crew.

If you’re looking for a powerful, affordable supplement that does what it promises in terms of muscle growth and workout performance, Factor 2 by Force Factor is one to try. It is all-natural, completely safe with no side effects, and can be delivered to your doorstep in just a few hours. Give this one a try if you’re looking for an excellent way to power your workouts.

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