The Benefits of Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree often found in Cameroon, Zaire and Gabon. This bark of yohimbe contains yohimbine chemical which is in medicines and used for several reasons. Yohimbe serves several purposes such as helping with erectile dysfunction, weight loss, chest pain, exhaustion and a lot more.

There is a chemical that yohimbe bark contains yohimbine which helps increase blood flow throughout the body, and for men this can be beneficial as it helps grow the size of the penis. It counteracts the side effects of certain depression medications as well.

Over recent years, Yohimbe has become the subject of debates in regards to the fitness industry. It was originally referred to as a supplement, and has been a hot topic among athletes and bodybuilders alike. At first it was believed that it didn’t help increase testosterone but over time men started seeing that it did just that. It also was seen to increase libido in both genders and had the ability to reverse erectile dysfunction.

Keep in mind though that some supplements claim they can do all of this while helping you lose weight. The trouble areas on your body that seem to never go away can benefit from a number of supplements as long as they work and deliver on results though. These trouble areas typically include the midsection, thighs, muffin op, saddlebags and other areas. Men have a difficult time losing weight in their midsection area, which leads them to looking to the weight loss market and looking for a magic cure.

With the several products on the market that offer their own sense of hype, it can be hard to know just what to use. With Yohimbe Bark extract though, there are several benefits that you can take advantage of that go beyond weight loss.

Yohimbe is classified as an alpha 2-adrenergic antagonist which helps to increase the sympathetic nervous system. This results in increased amounts of epinephrine and also norepinephrine in the blood. Your body’s sympathetic system becomes involved and this is the body’s response to stress and triggers your body’s fight or flight response.

Yohimbe became used for medicinal reasons and contains Yohimbine which was used as an aphrodisiac for men. Western medicine found numerous reasons for this to be used over the years and now it’s a popular commodity in today’s health industry.

Battles Erectile Dysfunction

There were studies done back in the 60s that involved a product that contained yohimbe bark and were used on men. After a 2-3 week study men began to notice results that showed no side effects. After a few weeks of use, men began to notice an increase in their sex life and libido. There is a compound that the body needs to maintain an erection and this is known as cGMP.

If you’re taking medications talk to your doctor as they may interfere with some. These medications include anti-depressants and heart medications. You can purchase this product over the counter making it a better alternative than going to the doctor. This can be an embarrassing issue for men to deal with making Yohimbe bark easy to get a hold of.

Weight Loss

Of course, we all want to lose those stubborn pounds that won’t disappear no matter what we try. Some people use fad diets that give temporary results while others just don’t deliver any type of result. Alpha-2 receptors can be found in areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate. You know those trouble areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, butt and the breasts. When catecholamines, including norepinephrine and epinephrine are activated, lipolysis releases fatty acids in the body which allows the body to burn it off. The metabolism is increased as fatty acids are used for energy in the body allowing your body to burn off the extra weight and fat accumulations.


Yohimbe has been proven to be effective at treating anxiety. Some research shows that it doesn’t necessarily cure it but can help decrease it. It can also help reduce anxiety that is related to phobias some people suffer with.

Exercise Performance

If you have tried to exercise and find it hard to do, this supplement can really help give your metabolism the boost it needs. Yohimbe can help you feel more energized allowing you to get the motivation needed to exercise and feel better about yourself.

Orthostatic Hypotension

If you suffer with hypotension, this may be a great supplement to incorporate into your routine and daily regimen. This supplement helps lower blood pressure and other symptoms that may come with autonomic nervous system dysfunctions.

As a sexual benefit, this supplement can help increase blood circulation to the penis allowing for men to have a harder and longer lasting erection. For men who struggle with impotence or other dysfunctions, this supplement may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Also, let’s not forget how it can benefit women sexually. This supplement can also help increase circulation in the body including the vagina making it more sensitive. This can result in stronger orgasms and a more sensitive sensation. Who wouldn’t want a better sex life after all?

You want to make sure you talk to your doctor about what the right dosage for you is as taking too much can result in adverse side effects that may be unwanted. Some of these side effects can include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Itchy or scaly skin
  • Allergic reactions

While some of these side effects are not that serious, there are more serious ones that come with extended use of too much of Yohimbe bark. If you’re looking for a way to help with your health, this may be just what you need.  If you are pregnant, or plan to breastfeed you should avoid use of the product. The dosage can vary based on what you plan to use it for and other factors. Yohimbe bark extract has been used for several years, and millions of consumers everywhere are seeing the numerous benefits.

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