Udo’s Choice Adult Blend Probiotics Review – Is it Worth It?

Illnesses, ailments, diseases – no matter what you call them, they’re debilitating, lower your quality of life, and some are potentially life threatening. The causes can either be genetics, elements of the environment, or both. Needless to say, environmental causes of diseases are unfortunate, but they can be controlled. About 70-80% of the body’s immune response actually occurs in the digestive system. Bacteria enters your body through food, water, as well as other contaminants, and the gut is the very place where your immune cells go to fight off parasites, pathogens, and bacteria that are making you sick.

Udo’s Choice Adult Blend Probiotics addresses your digestive system, bringing in billions of good bacteria that will help to protect your gut from pathogens, and therefore, making you healthier and lowering occurrences of diseases.

About Udo’s Choice Adult Blend Probiotics Capsules

The product comes in capsule form and manufactured by the natural healthcare company, Flora. Flora is a US-based manufacturer and supplier of high quality herb remedies, producing a wide array of products that address general health problems with the use of natural ingredients and formulations.

Flora has been distributing their products in the US since 1988 but the company’s roots go way back to the early 1900’s, when the company founder, Dr. Otto Greither, began practicing holistic health care in Germany. The doctor had dedicated his life to natural health care products, and it eventually led to the establishment of Flora, which is headed today by his grandson, current owner Thomas Greither.

Udo’s Choice Adult Blend Probiotics is formulated to boost the natural microflora in the gut for optimal digestion and improved bowel movement. The formula delivers 17 billion probiotics and gives the body 8 strains of adult-specific good bacteria, specifically beneficial for individuals ages 16-55.

The company also offers similar products that target different age ranges. Age is important when it comes to the type of good bacteria used, the strength of the probiotics, as well as the strain, since different age brackets have varying needs and demands when it comes to their digestive system.

How to Use Udo’s Choice Probiotic
The capsules are best taken when they have been refrigerated. Cooling them ensures maximum potency, as well as stability of the formula. If you don’t wish to refrigerate the capsules, you can do so as well.

If you want to maintain a healthy gut, one capsule taken on a full stomach once a day is enough. If you are treating a digestive issue, or are currently taking antibiotics, 3 capsules per day is best used for treatment purposes.

The Benefits of Using Udo’s Choice Adult Blend Probiotics
There are both good and bad bacteria present in your intestines. The good bacteria fights off the bad bacteria that may cause you to get sick, and with a good balance, you can enjoy a healthy well-being. However, the use of antibiotics, the presence of an illness, and other environmental factors such as poor food choices, can lead to the reduction of good bacteria in your gut. This leads to ailments and diseases, which can be prevented and even remedied by supplying your gut with good bacteria.

Here is a list of the health benefits that some people have noted after taking Udo’s Choice probiotic supplement:

  • may help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • may help relieve infectious diarrhea
  • could improve skin conditions like eczema
  • may improve urinary and vaginal health
  • may help relieve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease
  • improved oral health
  • prevents pathogens and bad bacteria to wreak havoc in your gut
  • protects your body from germs and bad bacteria

Basically, the probiotics inside the capsules crowd out pathogens and prevents bad bacteria from hosting in your body, and thereby helping to prevent infection, disease, and inflammation.

Where to Buy Udo’s Choice Probiotic
Udo’s Choice Adult Blend Probiotics can be bought at online retail stores such as Amazon, as well as other health stores and supermarkets. One bottle contains 60 capsules, with the retail price of $16.99 on Amazon.

Two kinds of probiotics are found in the formula, which are: lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. Lactobacillus improves gut health, while bifidobacterium helps to boost the immune system’s response.

Holistic solutions using natural ingredients that promote proper health are less risky than chemical-filled supplements that work overnight. Udo’s Choice Probiotic is not an overnight solution but it’s a long-term commitment to being healthier and free of infections.

Udo's Choice Adult Blend Probiotics Review

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