Vella Visage Eye Serum Review

Vella Visage

A brand new eye serum for women, Vella Visage is one of the top ways to reduce aging, create more supple skin, and help to reduce eye puffiness. Using all-natural ingredients, Vella Visage is light and fresh in scent, leaving no unpleasant residue or smell. You can safely apply this eye serum for maximum youthful benefit each day, increasing circulation and blood flow throughout the eye area to leave your face looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

Vella Visage Ingredients

Vella Visage is made up of simple, all-natural ingredients including hydrolyzed rice bran, glycine soya (soybean), and oxide reductases. These three ingredients work in tandem to promote freshness, and wrinkle reduction on the skin. Oxide reductase has been shown to improve oxidation and blood circulation, while glycine soya improves the skin’s natural collagen levels and reduces dark circles around the eyes.

Hydrolyzed rice bran also assists in this process, reducing inflammation and preventing sun damage from UV rays.


In addition to creating brighter, smoother, and more supple skin, you will find that Vella Visage helps to promote skin shedding (or “cell turnover”) that the body naturally goes through. Your skin’s regrowth will be improved as a result of this serum, creating the appearance of youthful, wrinkle-free skin that is also kept well-protected from the sun’s damaging rays. Fewer irregularities will show up on the skin’s surface, with less pigmentation and puffiness.


Vella Visage is very easy to apply and use each day. Packaged as a natural healing serum, all you need to do is apply a few drops around the affected eye area each day, making sure it keep it on the skin. Apply gently, allowing it to seep into the skin and fully take effect. Vella Visage is very gentle and non-irritating, so those of any skin type can safely use it.

User Feedback

Those who’ve sampled Vella Visage find it to be a very effect, healing eye serum for anti-aging. One user found that her skin improved almost immediately. She noticed benefits in just a few days, getting compliments from friends and family about how she no longer had dark circles or looked like she was tired and worn out. She feels more positive and attractive every day, and this has had a serious impact on her self-confidence.

She now goes through life feeling much more youthful and invigorated. Having fresh, clear skin around her eyes makes her feel happy, young, and full of positive energy.

Another user sampled Vella Visage and found that the dryness around her eye area went away almost immediately. She feels better knowing that her skin is protected from UV rays and reduced in exposure to free radicals. Thanks to Vella Visage’s ability to promote collagen and elastin, her wrinkles have all but vanished. She also feels that the blood flow to the area around her eyes has gotten better — that she now looks in the mirror and sees her eyes as they looked when she was twenty, rather than fifty.

Additional Benefits

In addition to preventing UV damage, reducing inflammation and reducing dark circles, Vella Visage also helps to strengthen connective tissue around the eyes. This helps to promote blood flow in a healthy way, making it easier for skin cells to shed and regrow every day. As a consequence, your skin will no longer look tired and worn out, with wrinkles accumulating every day around your eyes.

Instead, you’ll find that it’s very easy to simply apply this serum and see benefits in just a few days. Your self-confidence, positive mood, and overall outlook on life will improve as a result of using Vella Visage. The product is quite inexpensive, and can easily be ordered online and shipped straight to your location.


If you’ve been looking for a healthy way to restore your eyes’ youthful, bright appearance, you’ll find that Vella Visage is one of the safest and healthiest products available. Using the serum require just adding a few drops to the affected areas and letting it absorb into the skin through gentle rubbing.

You’ll notice improvements in a matter of days, or perhaps a week or two. After continuous usage, Vella Visage can take off years from your appearance, leaving you with fresh, healthy, youthful skin around the eyes, leaving you feel confident and rejuvenated.

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