ViruTech Review: Immunity Supplement by Onnit

A top new antioxidant formula that helps to boost the body’s natural immunities, ViruTech by Onnit is a good supplement to ward off disease, colds, and other ailments. Providing a blend with trace minerals, flavonoids, and amino acids, this product helps to get rid of immune threats while adding a positive defense strategy to your cells’ structure. Featuring faster response for immune properties, this product helps you get over colds faster than other products that promise to get rid of viruses and bacteria that invade the body.

ViruTech Ingredients

Onnit ViruTech

ViruTech includes a number of important ingredients. These are quercetin, L-lysine, Alpha-lipoic acid, and a blend of minerals such as selenium, zinc, and vitamin C. Quercetin is found specifically in vegetables and fruits that help to boost immune function, while L-lysine is a key amino acid that helps the body synthesize new collagen and healthy cells. Alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA, helps to boost cellular function as well, keeping stress at a minimum in terms of bodily reaction.

Additionally, with the use of minerals and key amino acids, the product helps to fight off viruses and bacteria that take hold of your system and cause serious problems. These minerals are important for supplementation as they cannot be readily obtained in food, and must be taken through the form of a vitamin or supplement.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros to ViruTech, including the fact that it is a good strategy for defending against immune threats. Additionally, it provides better virus response that helps to increase the body’s overall resistance to new invaders. Since it provides a proprietary blend, ViruTech also uses built-upon scientific data as part of its formula foundation, meaning that it is proven to work in fighting off colds.

The cons of ViruTech include new releasing and price. While the product is known to be effective and safe as a source of immune supplementation, it does not contain much community or user feedback, making it questionable in terms of effectiveness. The price is also $18 for one bottle — which can be a problem if the supplement isn’t fully-tested and reviewed. However, the product is produced by Onnit Labs, which has released several other good supplements for immune and health support.

Improved Immune Support and Function

Rather than repeatedly having to get sick and call off work, you can now enjoy boosted immune function and support with the use of ViruTech. The proprietary formula included in this product helps to keep your body in top shape while also improving overall levels of cellular function.

Additionally, the product helps to keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy by keeping virus effects to a minimum. Viruses can often infect the body and cause problems for the system, making stress more impactful on your body’s overall health. Thanks to the use of ViruTech, the product will keep your system in top shape at all times.

Better Warding Off of Colds and Flu

By eliminating viruses and helping prevent oxidative stress, ViruTech helps to get rid of free radicals and keep cell inflammation to a minimum. This helps to prevent oxidative stress, which is caused by daily activities that the body finds difficult to handle. Additionally, some studies have been done that prove selenium and other minerals in the formula are actually beneficial at improving immune response.

Natural Antioxidants for Improved Health

With the addition of Quercetin and other anti-oxidants in this formula, ViruTech helps to improve overall immune function while suppressing cortisol. This is the fight or flight hormone that starts to rise when the body is exposed to greater levels of stress. L-lysine also helps to keep your health in tip top shape thanks to its ability to boost calcium absorption. This remove the growth of cells that are infected, leaving your body overall healthier, stronger, and more able to fight off infection.


ViruTech is an all-natural immune system support product that is available in supplement form, providing major benefits to user health. While it has not been fully documented yet in terms of user effectiveness, reviews should be posted soon that will inform potential customers of how well it is helping to fight off infection. However, based simply on the ingredient description, ViruTech holds promising potential. For those seeking a good way of warding off viruses and other ailments, this product can help to reduce oxidative stress quickly, leaving you stronger and healthier on the whole.

ViruTech by Onnit

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