Weight Loss for Women: Venus Factor Reviewed

We get skeptical anytime that a diet protocol is designated “just for men, “or “only for women,” since it’s usually a marketing ploy. We took a close look at Venus Factor to see if they were just re-purposing already-used information and throwing some fancy branding on it. What we found will surprise you.300x250-VenusFactor-1027

Venus Factor has gone to great lengths to protect their brand, meaning that they are quite restrictive when it comes to who can sell and promote their product. We like this, because it goes to show how much the owners of this brand care about its longevity. Next, we were impressed with the testimonials of women that have actually used Venus Factor, and have seen results. We will often encounter many diet and exercise programs that utilize stock photographs and fake testimonials. That is not the case with Venus Factor.

The Facts on Dieting for Women

Here’s the harsh reality: Nature designed men and women differently. Often times women become frustrated with their husbands and boyfriends because they seem to lose weight so much faster than they do. It’s a brutal reality that many women realize on a regular basis. On top of that, the way a woman’s body is designed: Larger hips, breasts, and extra fat in the midsection – is all designed so that women can give birth easier. It’s not fair, but this is the way it is!

In order to help a woman create the best possible outcome for weight loss, it’s necessary to eat and exercise in a way that targets those specific areas.  As both men and women age, hormones begin to diminish that help with fat loss, and increase of muscle mass. Unfortunately, if you don’t do something to slow that down, it’ll keep going the same direction… You’ll end up with more fat and lower muscle mass. There is hope for you, however! Thanks to the Venus Factor System, they have designed a program for women to be able to not only slow down the downward spiral of fat gain, but can help women make some great changes to their bodies in less time than previously thought possible.

What You Receive with the Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor Program is more than just a cookbook with better eating tips and a few exercises. It contains a comprehensive system of workouts for each part of the body that you want to improve upon, diet advice, and for a limited time, they are including a 30-Day free membership to Venus “IMMERSION” which is a community where like-minded women who are utilizing the Venus Factor Program to reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

Weight loss is more than just trying to get a lower number on the scale. It takes effort, encouragement, and having the proper mindset in seeing it through. This is why programs like WeightWatchers have such a high success rate… Accountability, encouragement, and coaching are vital for success in almost any area that you’re trying to improve upon. The Venus Factor Program has done a great job by incorporating a community aspect with their IMMERSION program. The 30-day trial of this program should give you a good idea as to whether or not the community is what you need to keep you on track.


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