A Review of Le-Vel’s Thrive DFT Patches

People everywhere want to find new and innovative ways to boost their metabolism without harsh side effects. Getting rid of weight isn’t easy once you hit a certain age, and even if you have fallen into bad habits and have more weight to lose than you had anticipated, finding a product that’s going to help with your journey to losing that stubborn weight in all the right places.LeVel_gray

With the Thrive DFT patch, you can expect to gain results that you didn’t think were possible. The technology behind this product allows you to increase energy levels while losing weight and curbing your appetite as well. Because this patch helps suppress the appetite, the brain is often times tricked to think the stomach is full meaning your desire to eat is decreased and eliminated. You snack less and this eliminates how many calories are consumed on a daily basis.

While suppressing your appetite, metabolism is increased meaning you have the desire to be more active. Because of two main components, green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia, fat burning takes place as your body turns itself into a fat burning machine.

Using Thrive DFT

Using this patch is easily done and requires no major application instructions. Take caution though to use the patch as directed to help you get maximum results. The area you apply the patch to should be clean and dry to avoid anything from getting in the way of the patch and its ingredients from being absorbed in your body.

The patch should be applied to your bicep on the inside or outside, your shoulder, the upper buttocks, and for men you can apply it to your chest as well.

Each day you apply the patch, try to rotate sites. For instance, if you put it on the right bicep one day consider the left bicep the following day. It’s worn for 24 hours and can even be worn in the shower or while you’re sleeping. The patch won’t affect your sleep pattern which some people tend to worry about. In fact, some people have reported an increase in their sleep patterns.

While using the patch, make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to help rid the body of toxins and exercise daily even if it’s just a mere 20 minute walk around the block. You want to make sure that your heart rate is up to ensure that your body can burn off calories.

You want to stay consistent with using this patch to ensure you get the full benefits of it. It takes time for the system to show results so don’t get discouraged. The patch delivers a constant flow of powerful ingredients and the primary goal to the patch is to turn your body into a complete fat burning machine allowing you to reveal a body hidden under some unwanted pounds.

Ingredients of the Thrive DFT Patch

There are several ingredients that can be found in this product allowing you to benefit in a number of ways such as weight loss. These ingredients include:

  • Forslean: Globally patented in weight loss products and has been known for treating heart disorders. Over years, popularity on this ingredient has increased and this means more and more weight management products are utilizing it and can help with weight loss as well.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: This is a plant that can be found in India, Africa and Malaysia. The rind of this plant is used to flavor foods and also as a condiment. It’s loaded with health benefits and because of the hydroxycitric acid it’s become popular in the weight loss industry.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Derived from ever famous green coffee beans, this has the benefit to reduce chlorogenic acid which means you get more in the weight loss product allowing you to have that extra boost of energy.

How the Patch Works

This patch contains garcinia cambogia which works hard to help target fat burning and regulates cortisol which is a steroid hormone and is released by the adrenal gland in the body. Regulating and maintaining cortisol levels in the body is crucial for reducing the amount of abdominal and other fat in the body. Cortisol though helps trigger the fat burning process when stress is triggered.

The central nervous system is triggered and fat cells are triggered to start breaking down allowing for an increase in epinephrine in the blood. With increased epinephrine levels more fat tissues can be broken down allowing your body to get rid of this excess fat.

Who Benefits From Using Thrive DFT Patch?

If you are living an active lifestyle and looking to take your weight loss goals to new levels, this may be just the answer for you. Rather than taking a pill every day, this patch is used and can deliver potent ingredients to the body just as well as a pill can. Because it’s changed every 24 hours, some people find that it’s easier to use.

If you have unwanted weight that you want to get rid of once and for all to reveal that bikini body you know you have, this may be just what you need. If you find yourself snacking through the day, this can sometimes reverse weight loss efforts and this patch actually helps with suppressing your appetite allowing you to avoid boredom eating.

The ingredients in this patch secrete serotonin which is crucial in the brain and acts as a neurotransmitter. This is something several diet and weight loss products use as it enhances the mood. Typically, when you feel good you don’t want to eat meaning you have a more positive attitude and can stay on track with your weight loss journey.

This patch can be purchased through a direct distributor and there are now more and more sites that are offering this product. You want to make sure you’re getting the right product as many places claim to offer the real deal at a heavily discounted price, but if all the ingredients aren’t there, you aren’t getting the real deal. Boost your metabolism and get into the best shape of your life with Thrive DFT Patch!

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