Addys Focus Review – Natural Focus Stimulant?

Focus and mental clarity is getting more and more difficult to achieve. What with all the sensory distractions that surround us – social media, mobile devices, gossip news, and the latest apps – it’s hard to focus on one single task that needs to be done.

While caffeine is a fantastic natural stimulant that gets you focused, it comes with its own string of side effects such as an elevated heart rate and of course, the energy crash.addys

Addys Focus, a supplement that contains a patent-pending formula targets this very problem. It boosts your focus, energy, and concentration, but with zero side effects.

Want to know more? Then read more of this review of find out.

What is Addys Focus?

Addys Focus is an all-natural focus stimulant recommended by actual physicians. It is made 100% in the USA and made of 100% all-natural ingredients.

Among its benefits include: heightened focus, mental clarity, increased energy, and gives you the drive to stay motivated throughout the day.

The supplement contains one key ingredient: WGCP, which stands for Whole Green Coffee Powder. A patent-pending process for whole green coffee beans, it gives you an absolute improvement in focus but without the side effects of caffeine and energy drinks.

WGCP: What is It?
WGCP has been scientifically studied and proven to improve concentration and energy. Before coffee beans are roasted, they have a bright green color that contains several essential acids. One of these acids is chlorogenic acid, which contains a multitude of health benefits. However, these green coffee beans are extremely bitter and highly inedible, and thus, roasting must be done to make them palatable and ready to use for coffee drinks.

WGCP is a process that allows you to consume the green coffee beans but without the extremely bitter taste but keeps the essential acids in tact.

WGCP is dubbed to be the first product to deliver caffeine with a natural time release but without overworking the heart. The result is a safer and side effect-free stimulant that’s effective yet completely safe to use.

What the Experts Are Saying
A double-blind clinical study was conducted at the Cleveland Clinic, which is a non-profit organization that conducts clinical trials, and dubbed to be one of America’s top 4 hospitals for the last 20 years, according to the US News and World Report.

Their study showed that the participants of their clinical study showed improved focus and concentration for about 5 to 6 hours with minimal to no side effects.

Another study, conducted by the University of Tampa, showed 6-8 hours of sustained energy release with no crash from their participants.

Recommended by doctors, take a look at what they have to say about WGCP:

Dr. Lisa Green, a Pyschiatric Developmental Specialist recommends it and was very impressed with its results. A Dr. Samuel Amen, a general practitioner with internal medicine and addiction specialties, says that WGCP instantly promotes focus and concentration through the awakening of the brain.

Who Should Use Addys Focus?

One of the product’s endorsers is retired NBA All Star Cedric Ceballos. Today, he works as a sports announcer, and having had minor heart problems in the past, was advised by his doctor to stay off energy drinks. Using Addys Focus has helped him stay on track and enjoy energy throughout the day without adverse side effects.

For students who need to focus on exams, Addys Focus can give you 6 solid hours of concentration, while making you feel great and allowing you to get some sleep, unlike caffeine that promotes insomnia.

A user whose child was having difficulties concentrating in school reported that after using the product, her son started doing well in school, and that his teachers even praised him for the major changes in his performance.

Memory enhancers and other brain boosting supplements can be pricey and have severe side effects. Seniors who need a boost in memory and concentration can enjoy Addys Focus since it has minimal to zero side effects.

Where to Get Addys Focus

Get your daily dose of WGCP from Addys Focus. Simply visit the official website, and take your pick from a few packages.

Addys Focus Free Trial Offer
Right now you have the opportunity to try a FREE bottle – just pay shipping and handling. Follow the banner below to receive your free bottle while supplies last.

Improve your grades, improve you career, and enjoy better athletic performance with Addy Focus, the only focus-boosting formula with no jitters, no crashed, and zero side effects.

Addys Focus Review

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  1. Hi I just want to say that I like addy focus a lot. It doesn’t have the same crash as adderall so its nice to take when I need to study late at night or when I need to write a paper. John

  2. A year ago, after a 70 year history of prescription drug for add and adhd, I switched over to nootropics and no longer take prescription drugs. I found immediate results the very day that I left my Adderall in the bottle and switched over. Good luck…I think that ADDYs even worksfaster than the other nootropics I have tried…I get by with one a day .I like the info on the ADDYs bottle that tells exactly what to do if you take 1-3. Green bean coffee has proven to be a god-send for other conditions too, including weight control

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