ProbioSlim Advanced Review – Best Probiotic Available?

ProBioslim Advanced Review

In a world that is becoming increasingly more accepting of supplementation and alternative medicines, it should come as no surprise that there are a select few companies who’s only mission is to extract as much money as possible from their customers pockets without any consideration for their health or well-being. For the small amount of supplements that actually do work, it can be hard to achieve the recognition, and the positive response that they genuinely deserve.

However, every once in a while there is an exception, and ProbioSlim Advanced is exactly that. Manufactured by the supplement company Smartbiotics, ProbioSlim was one of the most popular weight loss and digestive health supplements over the last few years, but what about the new and improved ProbioSlim Advanced? Does it really outperform it’s popular predecessor?

What Is ProbioSlim Advanced?

ProbioSlim Advanced Ingredients

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Over the past few years, ProbioSlim has been a regular supplement for people who are looking to balance out their digestive imbalances, decrease their weight, and improve their health in general. With it’s unique delivery system, and it’s innovative strain of probiotics called LactoSpore, ProbioSlim has been proven to help rid the digestive tract of unhealthy bacteria that can cause unwanted symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas.

The most recent product out of the Smartbiotics laboratory is ProbioSlim Advanced, which is believed to be more effective than the original. Smartbiotics have claimed to improve the product in a variety of ways, but the two main advantages of choosing Advanced over the regular version are:

  • ProbioSlim has been proven to help the user lose weight, but it does so by including a green tea extract to the capsule, which ultimately helps to increase metabolism, and thermogenesis. Probioslim Advanced promises to deliver the same weight loss inducing benefits of the original formula, but without the unnecessary caffeine jitters that a lot of people have claimed were induced by the original.
  • The new and improved formula claims to imrpove digestive health, and induce weight loss a lot quicker. Many consumers have claimed to start seeing results in less than two weeks.

ProbioSlim Advanced Ingredients

So what has changed, exactly? Without additional caffeine, which is apparent in pretty much all weight loss supplements, how does Probioslim offer it’s weight loss benefits? According to their site, the new and improved ingredient is called Meratrim, a chemical which has been shown to reduce waist circumference, improve BMI levels, and lower body fat percentages, when coupled with a well-balanced diet.

Along side Meratim, the new advanced formula also includes a Vitamin Matrix which is basically an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals which will help keep your body running at it’s most optimal, whilst you are reaping the benefits of the LactoSpore and the Meratrim. A healthy dose of daily vitamins is essential for everyone, regardless of your goals, so having the ability to eradicate the extra expense of a multivitamin is certainly a welcomed addition.

A new ingredient that was not seen in the original ProbioSlim is PreticX, which is noted as two-stage prebiotic which helps to feed the probiotic strains of the LactoSpores, helping to prevent any non-beneficial bacterial strains from forming.

Potential Side Effects

From what we can tell, the new advanced formula has completely eradicated the potential side effects that were a common occurrence with the original formula. The most commonly reported side effect was the caffeine jitters, but since their is no caffeine in the advanced formula, even the most caffeine sensitive users can benefit.

The PreticX is not explained in a huge amount of detail, but the fact that it helps to prevent any non-beneficial bacteria from forming should certainly speak volumes about it’s effectiveness. If no non-beneficial bacteria can form during the treatment, then there should be little room for any adverse side effects, which is always an advantage.

Is ProbioSlim Advanced Worth the Investment?

In our opinion, the original ProbioSlim was worth every penny that Smartbiotics charges you for it, but with the recent upgrades, there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that you will see the advertised benefits if you decide to take the plunge. If you can couple the supplementing of this product with regular exercise, and a clean, healthy diet, you will definitely see results, and with little to no reported side effects, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing your body good, without any risks whatsoever.

Try ProbioSlim Advanced today and start feeling the benefits!

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