Calily Essential Oils Review – Natural Aromatherapy Product?

Calily Essential Oils Review

The power of scent is undeniable – soothing fragrances can help to reduce stress and impose a general feeling of calmness and relaxation.

The Calily Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Starter Kit is packed with a total of 14 scents that will have you wanting to hurry home every single day. Filled with pleasurable fragrances and flavors that relax, entice, and rejuvenate, ending your day with any Calily Essential Oils burning in your room will surely be the highlight of your day.

About Calily Essential Oils

Calily was created by a group of naturalists whose passion and dedication revolved around their common belief for the unwavering benefits of essential oils. Using a vast amount of research on bonaticals and aromatherapy, the founders have created one of the purest and most beneficial essential oils in the market today.

Why Choose Calily Essential Oils?
Premium Quality – Calily boasts of its individualized premium quality oils. They don’t work on one large batch to fill the bottles – rather, they work on each individual bottles at a time to ensure that only the finest and highest potency therapeutic essential oils are used in their product.

With extensive research that includes soil compatibility and health, as well as the geographical locations of the plants, you are assured that these oils come from the most organic and most potent of sources.

Extensive Extraction Process – Calily features their very own artisan distillers and extractors whose main jobs are specializing in producing only the finest and only the highest quality essential oils in the market.

Using advanced state of the art extraction and distillation methods, the plants’ optimum integrity and natural oils are maintained and utilized to their optimum potentials.

In summary, Calily Essential Oils are one of the best, if not, even the best currently available in the market today. The plants used are no ordinary plants – the company has taken much consideration in choosing the sources of their oils to ensure that each bottle contains top quality oils that truly deliver.

How to Use Essential Oils
Calily Essential Oils are specifically created to be used in aromatherapy. However, you can use them in other ways as well. Here are 4 ways to use the product:

For Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is the use of fragrances or scents to provide a range of health benefits to the user. You can use an oil burner where a constant source of fire or heat is placed under a surface where drops of oil are placed. You can burn oil inside your bedroom, inside the bathroom, and just about any confined space. Closed windows are ideal if you want to truly enjoy the optimum fragrance of the oils.

For Inhalation
If you don’t have an oil burner, you can drop the oil into a hot bowl of water. You can then place your head above or in front of the bowl to inhale the scents.

For Massage
You can dilute the oils with carrier oils, which is basically made up of olive, almond, soya, and grape-seed, and use it topically on your skin. Applying pure oils on your skin is not recommended as it can cause irritation or allergies due to their strength. To use the oils for massage purposes, you must dilute them with a carrier oil first.

For a Bubble Bath
Have some warm or hot water running in a bathtub and have a few drops of oil in the water. You’ll immediately smell and feel the difference.

The Calily Aromatherapy Starter Kit

The starter pack contains 14 bottles of 10mL of essential oils each. These are the fragrances found in the kit:

  • peppermint
  • grapefruit
  • tea tree
  • spearmint
  • patchouli
  • lemon
  • lime
  • rosemary
  • bergamot
  • clary sage
  • cinnamon leaf
  • eucalyptus
  • lavender
  • sweet orange

Each bottle contains 100% pure essence, which are unadulterated with no fillers and no additives. They are purely 100% natural and organic essential oils.

Where to Get Your Calily Aromatherapy Starter Kit
You can get your starter pack at Calily’s official website or at Amazon for a discounted price of only $39.95. To get the best results, an oil burner is a great idea to enjoy the full benefits of the oils for aromatherapy.

The use of these oils will help you maintain a balance of body, mind, and spirit. Some of the benefits include helping you to relax and sleep; mental and emotional healing; reducing levels of stress; improve mental focus and concentration; loosens nasal congestion; and a long list of other health benefits derived from the different fragrances and flavors.

End your every day with Calily’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and have a relaxing and soothing night right before you sleep.


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