Femme Factor Body Fit Review – Weight Loss for Women

A slimmer and sexier body is something that everyone wants. Being able to wear the clothes you want to wear, being confident with yourself, but most of all, having a great body means you enjoy overall health to live life to the fullest.

Femme Factor Body Fit is an all-natural dietary supplement packed with everything you need to achieve the body you’ve always wanted, and to enjoy a healthier overall well-being.

It’s a recently launched lean lifestyle formula that uses clinically proven ingredients to help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and improve mental clarity with no harmful side effects.

What is Femme Factor Body Fit?Femme Factor Body Fit Review

Femme Factor Body Fit is an all-natural supplement that supports women’s fitness. Its proprietary blend of ingredients helps to burn fat tissues and boost energy levels, giving you healthy weight loss with increased lean muscle mass.

It is manufactured by Femme Factor, which was established in 2013. They offer a line of women’s sports nutritional supplements using the safest and most natural ingredients that have been extensively researched and carefully formulated to guarantee effective results.

Femme Factor was created by the very brains behind Force Factor, which was established by a team of Harvard University and MIT researchers. It is made specifically for women and to meet the biological demands of the female body in terms of metabolism, fat burning, and energy levels.

What are the Benefits of Body Fit?

Femme Factor Body Fit is a premium weight loss supplement first and foremost but it also provides a long list of benefits that allow you to achieve the body and health you’ve always wanted.

Here are the benefits that Femme Factor says that you can expect when taking Body Fit:

  • Boost of energy
  • Increased focus
  • Improved motivation
  • Controlled cravings
  • Long-term results
  • Fat burning
  • Lose the muffin top
  • Drop 1-2 dress sizes
  • Tighten your body

Since Femme Factor Body Fit gives you a boost of energy, it allows you to work longer and harder at the gym. It also helps to increase endurance and to delay the effects of muscle fatigue, and to facilitate in faster recovery.

The result is a slimmer yet healthier-looking body with the right definition.

How to Make the Most of Body Fit?

To enjoy the full benefits of the supplement, one must take 2 capsules before breakfast, and another 2 before lunch. On workout days, take 2 capsules before breakfast, and another 2 before your workout.

While dieting and exercise are not required, the benefits can be achieved faster and more effectively with a healthy lifestyle. The people behind Femme Factor promotes eating smarter with the right kind of food and the right proportions; exercising on a daily basis that goes beyond jogging such as weight training; and to choose healthier lifestyle options that include not smoking and getting your much needed 8 hours of sleep every night.

Body Fit’s Unique Proprietary Formula

The supplement features 2 proprietary formulas: The Slim Shape Complex and the Fit Focus Blend.

The Slim Shape Complex
With 228 mg of this formula, the ingredients found are Svetol, coffee bean extract, saffron extract, garcinia cambogia extract, and raspberry ketones.

Fit Focus Blend
With 540 mg of this formula, the ingredients found are caffeine, green tea leaf extract, and beta alinine.

The Ingredients

By understanding the benefits of these ingredients, you’ll be able to understand how it works and why it does:

  1. Svetol – Created by Naturex, this ingredient contains chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans. It is claimed to be clinically proven to reduce BMI by at least 10%, increases fat burning, and improves glucose regulation.
  2. Coffee Bean Extract – Increases thermogenesis in the body, which is a natural bodily process that burns fat tissues.
  3. Raspberry Ketones – Increases the number of an enzyme called lipase that increases the release of fatty acids from stored fat tissues. Its molecular structure is also similar to Capsaicin, which is clinically proven to improve metabolism.
  4. Saffron Extract – Know to increase serotonin levels, which help to suppress appetite, stop emotional eating, and lower stress levels.
  5. Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Helps to reduce cravings, burns fat naturally, and improve weight loss.
  6. Green Tea Leaf Extract – Contains EGCG, which is the most potent compound found in green tea and known to reduce weight loss and improve overall health.
  7. Caffeine – Improves mental clarity, focus, and motivation.
  8. Beta Alanine – Specifically CarnoSyn, beta alanine helps to delay muscle fatigue and improve performance.

Where to Get Femme Factor Body Fit

You can get your bottles from the official website, or by following the banner below.

A free trial offer is also available exclusively for readers of Supplement Journal!

Simply visit the official website and sign up for a free trial offer. You get to use one bottle with 60 capsules for a complete 14 days so you get to see if it works, or not, for your weight loss and body goals.

Unlike many other supplements with caffeine in the market, Body Fit does not give you the jitters nor the caffeine crash that are mostly not worth it when it comes to natural weight loss.

Femme Factor Body Fit puts your well-being in mind by giving you a healthy, safe, potent, and powerful product that will help you lose weight, give you more energy levels, improve your mental clarity, and get you the body you’ve always wanted to have.

Femme Factor Body Fit Review

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