CogniShield Review – Brain-Boosting Nootropic?

CogniShield Review

Considered to be one of the most powerful nootropic supplements that will help you restore and build powerful memory function, CogniShield is a special supplement that is even known to help individuals recover from Alzheimer’s disease. Though CogniShield cannot claim to be a cure for the disease, it has been shown to help immensely in boosting a sense of strong cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.

CogniShield Ingredients

CogniShield contains four main ingredients: L-theanine, choline, piracetam, and noopept. As an amino acid specifically designed to reduce stress and anxiety, L-theanine is known to help in reducing a sense of stress in the body, and promoting well-being and relaxation. Choline functions specifically to help in promoting memory function and reducing memory loss over time. Piracetam helps to boost the senses, making your touch, smell, and visual systems work more clearly, which helps in improving concentration. Noopept is considered one thousand times more powerful than piracetam and is used in conjunction with the supplement to promote faster information processing, mental clarity, and communication between neurons. Used together, all these ingredients boost your brain’s overall health and function.


CogniShield has a number of important benefits. First, it will help your brain resist the effects of time, which tends to reduce our memory capability. This means that even powerful diseases like Alzheimers are warded off just by taking this supplement once a day. Additionally, it will help you achieve a more intense state of alertness, clarity, and focus. You will also be protected from memory loss — and even find yourself able to recall important facts and dates more quickly.

Addtionally, CogniShield will help to speed up the elimination of toxin and waste removal from the brain, causing faster assimilation of nutrients and interaction between neurons.

User Reviews

A number of individuals who have tried CogniShield found that it is actually one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal. One user, an executive assistant, found that this pill actually gave him more energy and intelligence. After trying it out, he was able to achieve all his goals at work much faster than he would have been able to normally. Some users suspect that high-powered CEOs have been using this product to “get rich” simply by having such enormous mental stamina.

Another user who is pursuing his MBA found that this product helped him optimize his study time and remember results for his exams a lot more productively. He started acing all his tests and doing much better on presentations. Another user pops one just before he goes to work out, and found this really helped in giving him focus and pep.

CogniShield’s Effect on the Brain

The reason this supplement is so powerful is due to the synergistic blend of natural ingredients. It helps to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain, which helps you organize your thoughts and formulate new thoughts more quickly. It also improves the overall flow of oxygen to your brain which gives you a sense of heightened cognition. CogniShield also works by helping you retrieve and store memories, boosting your overall ability to hold on to memories over time.

This results in an increase in performance in all areas of your life. You will have a happier family and home life, better friendships and social interactions, and better work interactions as you go about your daily job tasks. You will also feel a sense of personal happiness and fulfillment, knowing your mind is strong and healthy.

Ordering the Product

CogniShield can be purchased easily online through the company’s website, and has undergone a number of important clinical trials to help ensure that it is in fact as powerful as claimed. The company provides a full sixty day refund policy and you won’t need to send it back if you aren’t happy with your free trial.


If you’re serious about getting your brain into optimal shape, CogniShield can help. Trying out the product will tell you for sure whether it’s right for you. In just a few weeks, you will notice serious enhancements in your daily interactions at work, at home, and at school as you study for those intense exams and prepare for presentations. This product is truly revolutionary and life-changing, resulting in immense raises and promotions, better workouts at the gym, and an overall prevention of memory-related illness that occurs as we age over time.


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  1. Luella Presley // July 5, 2016 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    I have been using this product for about 6 weeks and feel much better. I was wondering if you would send an email with this info to me so I can refer to it. Also, a question, to maintain with this do I have to continue taking it or does it have healing powers after taking so long?

    • Glad to hear it’s helped you! As with any supplements, if your doctor has said it’s OK for you to take long-term, that you continue to take it so you can experience its benefits.

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