Jamia LLC: Should You Use These Niche Health Supplements?

Jamia LLC

Walk down any supermarket lane and you will see shelves of supplements that promise to make you younger, stronger, sexier, prettier, and so on. In fact they promise you, a whole new you! We know that’s not possible but it does paint a very attractive picture. But what if some of these supplements actually worked? Well, good supplements work as they are based on actual science. A case in question is Jamia LLC and its stable of selective supplements.

This company specializes in a few supplements that actually work as they contain proprietary ingredients and specialized herbal blends. But don’t take our word for it, read about Jamia LLC and their products and make an informed decision.

About Jamia LLC

Jamia LLC is a relatively new company but it does have a solid reputation for good products. Instead of producing several hundred different supplements, Jamia LLC or jvlivingyoung.com specializes in a few supplements that work. At present, the company produces six different products that are in high demand. Take a look at its product list.

  • Addys Focus – This proprietary mixture contains a secret blend called WGCP. This patent pending blend also called as Whole Green Coffee Powder is designed to increase focus and concentration. It also seems to improve memory and cognitive facilities. Packed with natural caffeine and a range of anti-oxidants, this supplement also promotes healthy weight loss, produces a sustained burst of energy, and packs in enough fiber to suppress your appetite and make you feel full.
  • Crea-Boost – Building muscle is critical for bodybuilders during competition season. Along with exercise, bodybuilders add dietary protein and several supplements to make the most of their exercise routine. One ingredient that seems to directly boost muscle cells formation is L-arginine. And Crea-Boost contains an ideal mix of three different types of L-arginine in the form of; L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate, L-arginine, and L-arginine monohydrate. Along with three vital ingredients, Crea-Boost also contains L-Citrulline and Dipotassium phosphate which boost muscle formation, promotes healing after workouts, produces more energy and endurance for longer workouts and generally, helps the athlete workout more and for a longer period of time.
  • Postropin – If Crea-Boost works before workouts, then Postropin is designed to work post-workouts. This supplements contains a proprietary mix of vital amines, herbs and nutrients that encourage muscle cells to work harder and longer and recover faster after workouts.
  • Chamomile Calm – There are times when stress can overwhelm your mentally and physically. At the end of the day, this can manifest in the form of sleepless nights, fatigue, low-level body pains and much much more. Instead of facing this kind of problem, its a far better idea to use a natural calming tea like Chamomile Calm. Chamomile has been used since ancient times as a calming tea but there is science to back up the legend as well. According to studies, chamomile has proved to be surprisingly effective in controlling anxiety, soothing abdominal pain, bowel disorders, skin conditions and even mouth ulcers. This supplement is perfect as it contains about 645mg of chamomile, lemon balm, Valerian, and L-theanine which also work together to soothe the mind and body reduce stress and induce sleep. Valerian in particular is famous for its effect on promoting sleep. The company recommends the use of two capsules taken just before bedtime to ensure a good night’s rest.
  • Zynev – This is a very potent male libido booster containing a mix of some of the strongest male herbs on the market. ACcording to the ingredient list, the supplement contains a balanced mix of horny goat weed, tongkat ali, saw palmetto, orchic extract, wild yam, sarsparilla root, nettle extract and boron. All of these ingredients promote testicular health, encourage the formation of testosterone and boost male virility.
  • My Alluring Anti Aging Skin Cream and My Alluring Anti Aging Eye Gel – These two skin and eye supplements are designed to be used together to reduce skin wrinkles, crow’s feet, black circles, fine lines, and sagging.

As you can see, the company prides itself on producing top-of-the-line, niche products that are effective. If you aren’t sure about product effectiveness, you can write to the company through their online contact form and they will get in touch with you within 24-hours.

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