In the Raw: Vegan Recipes eBook Review

In the Raw

If you have been feeling frustrated with counting calories, trying to lose weight, and feeling exhausted with the struggle of losing your muffin top, eating raw might be a good solution for you. The new healthy lifestyle program called In the Raw by Nicole English is a great way to get started. By using this program, people all over the world have shed excess weight, gained energy and positive health, and learned how to look and feel their best.

Review of In the Raw

Nicole English, creator of In the Raw, talks about her experience. In the past, she was struggling with hormone problems, had digestive issues, sugar addiction, and overweight. After switching her diet to one of plant-based whole foods, she was not just able to fix her hormone problems, but also get rid of her addiction to sugar. She also managed to lose all the excess weight she had gained, conceive more children without having miscarriage issues, and have much more stamina and clarity in her mind.

She realized that using this program of eating had changed her life completely. By sharing the program with others, she could help people all over the world to lose weight and begin a healthy eating program that tastes great and improves health naturally.

Benefits of In the Raw

There are many benefits of this program. If you’ve wanted to slim down and reduce weight naturally, it will help you do that — and more. You’ll be able to lose your sweet cravings permanently, as well as decreasing belly bloat and inflammation. In addition, the program will help you lose up to five pounds per week, have tons of energy everyday, feel much lighter, have better sex, and sleep throughout the whole night while waking up feeling 100% fresh to tackle the day.

In the Raw isn’t a “diet” so much as a way of eating healthy and maintaining steady healthy weight loss. Unlike other programs that only promise a quick fix, this one gives you the ability to boost libido, improve strength, get better skin and nails, and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Recipes in In the Raw

Within this program you’ll find tons of delicious tasting recipes. These include French Vanilla Coconut Cream with Mixed Berry Tart, Vegan Tropical Popsicles, Vegan Hazelnut Peppermint Fudge, and more. The program emphasizes healthy foods like spinach, bananas, watermelon, oranges, and other plant based vegan foods.

Additional Benefits of the Program

In addition to the benefits listed above, you’ll be able to feel satisfied after every time you eat, be able to ensure long term success with the program, and never have to deal with the crash and burn feeling that many other diets cause. You’ll experience natural and long lasting energy with this program. In addition, your skin will take on a natural health radiant glow, and you’ll banish your belly bloat permanently, obtaining a body you can live with and love for the rest of your life.

User Feedback

Reviews of Nicole’s program are very positive. Most people talk about how the program has totally changed their life. One user said that she had struggled with losing weight in a natural way, and could never figure out how to master the process. But after trying In the Raw, she permanently got rid of her extra weight and never had to worry about regaining again. Another perk of the program was that she loved the recipes, saying they tasted great while providing her the energy she needed all day.

Another user loved the program as it changed his life for the better, giving him positive mood and energy while letting him lose up to 5 pounds every week with a total weight loss of over 98 pounds. Now that he has permanently committed to a plant-based diet with her program, he doesn’t have to worry about gaining back the pounds he lost, since the program takes care of that for you.


If you’re serious about improving your immune system, losing weight naturally, and converting to a healthy raw plant-based diet, In the Raw is for you. Created by someone who truly knows what it means to create healthy vegan recipes that will keep you going all day long, this program is easy enough to be followed by anyone. It will truly give you a new outlook on life.

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