KonaKai Health LLC Supplements: Can They Help?

KonaKai Health LLC

More people are taking personal health seriously these days. KonaKai Health LLC has developed a line of products that may help, when it comes to physical well being, emotional well being, and beauty concerns. There are products for the skin and eyes, products for men’s’ health, and supplements with natural ingredients, to help with concentration or anxiety.

Those looking for pharmaceutical-free ways to address common health issues should check out the products below to see if one of the remedies may be helpful. A review of the supplements below describes each product by category, along with some of the natural ingredients in each of them.

KonaKai Health LLC and Men’s Health

Zynev is design to help men fight andropause, or what is commonly referred to as male menopause. Symptoms like low energy, increased fat stores, and reduced sexual performance can be treated with testosterone, but it can produce serious, unwanted side effects. Zynev contains saw palmetto and wild yam root, among others. These ingredients work harmoniously, to address blood flow and low energy.

Crea Boost and Postropin are formulated to help build muscle and strength. Crea Boost contains natural amino acid builders, which are proteins needed for building lean muscle Postropin is designed for recovery after work outs. It is suggested to use these products together, for better results. Recovery from workouts is important, in maintaining the desire and having sustained energy to continue in a body building routine.

Mood and Focus

ADDYs Natural Focus is a stimulant from KonaKai Health LLC designed to address short attention span and inability to stay focused. It contains organic caffeine for maintaining attention and substances like rice bran and chlorophyll, which provide needed nutrients to the brain. Rice bran contains vitamin E, which is important for brain function. This product is recommended for teens and adults. It is not suitable for young children.

Chamomile Calm is formulated to help relieve anxiety. it contains chamomile flower extract, valerian, and lemon balm. These substances are all known as soothing herbs and are often found in calming teas. This product can help people unwind at the end of the day or simply address anxiety associated with stressful events.

Chamomile is also known to help relieve abdominal discomfort, which is often associated with anxiety and those living busy lives. It produces few side effects and can address a number of stress related conditions.

Skin and Eyes

Women want to maintain youthful or younger looking skin. C luminous Serum and C Luminous Eye Gel can help them get results. The serum contains soy proteins and other substances to help rejuvenate skin and generate new skin cells It also contains green tea extract and jojoba seed, which provide nutrients to overworked or drying skin.

The eye gel contains moisturizers and extracts to improve skin around the eye, to aid in reducing dark spots, crow’s feet, and puffiness. Soy and rice bran provide nutrients to the skin. Lemon extract, grape seed extract, passion flower, and pineapple extract are helpful in reducing inflammation and providing vitamins essential to skin cell repair.

The KonaKai Health LLC products are easy to order through the company website. You can also take a look at our listing of health supplements online to find out more information. Buyers can save money on their favorite or most desired products, by buying in bulk and getting a discount. The ordering process is straightforward. The website also provides a complete list of ingredients, for each product. This helps customers avoid any known allergens and helps them to compare Kona health products with others on the market.

Before taking an herbal product or using a remedy with natural ingredients, customers should consult with a doctor or health care provider, to determine if the product is safe for the individual.

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