Megadrox Review – Naturally Boost Testosterone & Lose Weight?

Megadrox Review

One of the top new testosterone boosting supplements on the market, Megadrox is created to help men improve their levels of free testosterone naturally, as well as acting as a powerful fat burning agent. Megadrox is one of the most popular supplements for men who want to perform powerfully, increase libido, get ripped, and see huge benefits in every area of life — from the weight room to the bedroom.

How Megadrox Works

Megadrox has several herbal extracts included in its formula that help to improve the body’s production of free testosterone naturally. All men require testosterone to increase libido, build muscle — and basically just be male, overall.

Megadrox uses a special proprietary blend of ingredients to achieve this powerful testosterone-enhancing effect.


Tribulus Terrestris is the first ingredient listed on the Megadrox supplement. As one of the most well-known testosterone boosters, Tribulus is used in Ayurvedic medicine, and has been a source of male vitality for years. It is often used by men for libido enhancing effects and can help by enhancing androgen receptors in the brain, thereby creating the potential for more androgen uptake. The main component of Tribulus Terrestris is tribulosin, which is most effective within 1-10nM.

Maca root extract, or Lipidium meyenii, is native to Bolivia and Peru. It has been grown for many years to enhance libido in men, as well as energy and mental clarity enhancement. Clinical data has suggested that Maca is extremely helpful in strengthening sexual stamina, as well as supporting energy and endurance in athletes, and naturally enhancing fertility and reproductive health in men.

L-arginine is another key component in this formula. An important amino acid, L-arginine helps to increase oxygen delivery and blood flow, while also causing vasodilation or an increase in blood vessel diameter. L-arginine uses nitric oxide to stimulate the expansion and dilation of blood vessels, making your oxygen and blood flow more effective during exercise — particularly very intense exercise, such as resistance training. Arginine is extremely important in producing human growth hormone, or HGH. This will aid in the regulation of your metabolism and an overall reduction in body fat, as well as optimal kidney and heart functioning. Due to its importance in stimulating HGH, L-arginine is a key component in muscle recovery and repair, leading to more powerful workouts.

Yohimbe is the last important ingredient in Megadrox. Found within the bark of the west African evergreens, Yohimbine is a specific chemical that is found within the bark of this tree, and then cultivated into its supplement version. Yohimbe helps in lowering blood pressure and dilating blood vessels — leading to its important in treating erectile dysfunction and providing longer, more satisfying erections. Many clinicians now believe yohimbe helps in preventing heart problems and actually working as an anti-depressant as well.

Yohimbe has been found to act as a weight loss agent, where certain studies have found it to be helpful in increasing the amount of fatty acids — and thereby breaking fat down more quickly. Its suggested intake is about 5.5 to 10 mg three times daily, which is what is included in Megadrox.

User Reviews

Many users of Megadrox have been extremely happy with results from the product. Gavin, a firefighter from Colorado, found he lost about 30 pounds and really redefined his whole body, achieving growth and muscle mass he’d been dreaming of for years. Tom, an engineer from California, experienced lean muscle growth and improved stamina, which has made his wife happy as well. Kevin, an attorney from Utah, has been taking Megadrox for just 2 months and experienced serious gains in muscle mass, hardness, and stamina, which has made him very happy.

Just 90 Days to Complete One Full Cycle

Megadrox supplements are engineered to provide serious benefits including lean muscle, sex drive, increased stamina, sharper mental focus, and fat loss in just 90 days. By using this supplement for 90 days, you’re guaranteed to see huge gains just from taking the supplement itself.

Start Megadrox to See Serious Lifestyle Benefits

Megadrox first permeates the bloodstream after taking it, and then its powerful ingredients are spread throughout the body to optimize levels of free testosterone. Finally, after just a few days of taking the supplement, you’ll begin to see enhanced muscle mass, more energy, decreased body fat, and sex drive and performance enhancements you’ve been dreaming of for years. You can get a free bottle just by visiting the company’s website.

Megadrox Free Trial

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