NO2 Maximus Muscle Building Supplement Review

NO2 Maximus is a powerful new supplement on the market. Since many companies produce supplements without the intention of truly benefiting their buyers and are simply out to make a buck, it’s important to distinguish those that are truly worthwhile. As one of the most effective, affordable supplements on the market, NO2 Maximus deserves a look. Let’s dive in for a quick review here.

Important Ingredientsno2maximus-order-now
NO2 Maximus contains nitric oxide, which is a very important molecule naturally produced by our bodies. It causes an expansion of internal blood vessels, which leads to better blood flow and oxygen movement. As a result, boosted nitrous oxide levels means better strength and improved stamina, better muscle growth and faster recovery, and quicker recovery time after exertions.

L-Arginine HCL for Faster Recovery
NO2 Maximus contains L-arginine HCL, which is a non-essential amino acid. It doesn’t exist in the normal food we eat on a daily basis, so to get it, you’d need to take a supplement. This ingredient is the main component of NO2 Maximums and helps to increase nitric oxide levels. It will help you absorb nutrients into your muscles faster, thereby facilitating quicker recovery.

AAKG for Better Insulin Levels
Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is another ingredient included in this supplement. In addition to helping the liver break down ammonia as a result of exercise, it reduces pain and stiffness. AAKG stimulates protein synthesis, helping the body grow in muscular size, strength and stamina. In a recent study, the American Dietetic Association found that 10 to 15 grams of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate helped to increase insulin levels by 20-30%. This would result in an overall gain in strength/muscle growth. It works by increasing nitrous oxide production through the blood vessels, which increases their size without causing your blood pressure to go up. Thus, blood vessel dilation allows blood to reach the muscles/tissues and therefore absorb more carbohydrates, protein and hormones.

Citrus Malate for Reduced Soreness
Citrus malate is an effective ingredient that makes building new lean muscle easier, as well. It helps to regulate ammonia levels as well, resulting in more energy during your workouts. How will you know when this happens? Simply by your level of soreness. When your muscles hurt while lifting, it’s due to an increased production of ammonia. Citrus malate reduces this level of ammonia, and therefore reduces pain while working out.

Advantages of NO2 Maximus
In addition to the powerful ingredients list, NO2 Maximus includes other advantages. These are faster muscle building, a lean, ripped body, lower body fat levels, and less recovery time during sets. You’ll also experience harder pumps during your workouts, better sexual performance, and increased testosterone levels.

User Reviews and Feedback
Customers report an immediate result in boosted energy right away after beginning to use this supplement. Drinking lots of water will help, as will following the instructions provided on the shipping label. Other reviewers say they felt their bodies changing entirely. One user said his veins started popping out throughout the day and his muscles looked harder and fuller. Another reviewer, who’d taken the supplement for a few years, found that nothing else gave him energy and drive in the gym the way NO2 Maximus did. He experienced all day pumps and great vascularity.

A Great Supplement for Burning Excess Fat
Another of of the benefits of nitric oxide is increased glucose use. This is really helpful for those seeking to burn off excess body fat. A study done in the American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism investigated nitric oxide and L-arginine together and their impact on glucose metabolism while exercise. Males who were endurance trained cycled for 2 hours straight, then cycled at 15 minutes maximum effort. Their glucose levels were measured and the researches found that the L-arginine/nitric oxide combo produced a much higher rate of glucose appearing and disappearing. Thus, glucose was being taken up faster into muscle cells. This means that users of the supplement seeking to burn off more body fat will have an easier time using up glucose in the body — and then switching automatically to fat burning.

Ultimately, NO2 Maximus is a great and affordable supplement that includes a free trial period, so there is no risk involved. If you don’t like it, you can simply stop taking it and you’re not out any money at all. Give this one a try to see huge gains in the gym — you’ll feel like a god after those intense biceps and triceps workouts are over!


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