Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Benefits

Also known as diatomite, seashell flour or kieselgur, diatomaceous earth comprises of fossilized diatoms and water plants that existed in fresh water lakes and oceans several years ago. It exists in form of diatoms, which are normally harvested from areas where large water bodies stood before but have dried up. The minerals can be categorized in two grades depending on the uses, namely the diatomaceous earth food grade and the industrial grade. Industrial grade diatomaceous earth is used for several purposes including filtration of water in swimming pools. Food grade diatomaceous earth is on the other hand used for several health purposes, and works by providing amorphous silica, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron and several other rare minerals which form an essential component in the human diet.

Diatomaceous Earth Supplements

A colon that is free from parasites and harmful chemical substances is the first contributor to a healthy body. When taken on a daily basis, diatomaceous earth helps keep both the colon and bowels clean. Once the fossilized diatoms have been consumed either directly or indirectly as supplements, they act as an abrasive to eliminate parasites in the digestive tract by tearing up tapeworms as well as other parasitic worms. This often results in the dehydration of these parasites and they end up dying. The diatoms also absorb viruses, bacteria fungi, protozoa as well as heavy metals and residues of harmful drugs that have been deposited along the walls of the digestive tract. The silica contained in the diatoms reduces inflammation of the digestive system and can be used to treat ulcers as well as clear up constipation and diarrhea.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Silica
Amorphous silica is also used in most cosmetics products that are intended to eliminate signs of aging. This is because silica is known to be effective in eliminating age spots on the skin therefore preventing premature aging. It also helps repair and rejuvenate lung and heart tissues therefore improving the elasticity and boosting their performance in general.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
The diatomaceous earth food grade can also be found in supplement form. These multipurpose supplements help reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body and also maintain suppleness of blood vessels. This makes diatomaceous earth a natural remedy to hypertensive conditions and those who have taken the health supplements have reported an improvement of their conditions of up to 50 percent.

Promotes strong bones
Diatomaceous earth food grade contains minerals such as calcium that are known to be very useful in maintaining a healthy bone structure as well as joint cartilage and tendons. It also provides silica that is needed to ensure the calcium absorbed by the body is used effectively in strengthening the bones. This makes diatomaceous earth one of the recommended treatments of any bone-related illnesses and can be taken either as a supplement or directly as a mineral compound. It is mostly recommended for those who suffer from sore joint pains caused by arthritis and other bone diseases

Healthier Teeth and Gums
Besides contributing to stronger bones formation, diatomaceous earth also helps in the preservation of strong teeth and healthy gums through preventing decays, dental diseases and bleeding gums. It also helps a great deal in preventing tooth recession.

The mineral compounds found in fossilized diatoms greatly assist the body in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous which contribute greatly to health and strong nails that do not break away easily.

An additional benefit of the food grade diatoms is that they contain antioxidants that help in making the hair strong and are recommended for those who, for some reason are experiencing some form of balding because the silica contained in the diatoms has the ability to restore both the thickness and quality of damaged hair.

Detox Your Body Naturally
Diatomaceous earth is an excellent body detoxifier since it easily mixes with any metals and toxic chemicals within the digestive tract as well as the blood and flushes them all out. Such metals include lead, mercury and aluminum which are most commonly found in certain types of food.

Does Diatomaceous Earth and Silica Help with Weight Loss? You bet!
When consumed in proper amounts, diatomaceous earth supplies the body with the required amount of silica and this ensures that the body gets all the nutrients it needs without having to eat a lot of calories. This way, the fat levels within the body remain low and these results in reduced chances of gaining extra weight. The silica also cleans out all the excess fats from within the body. Proven statistics also show that when taken in the morning, these supplements help curb the appetite throughout the day thus can be used by those who intend to lose weight to eliminate unhealthy cravings and thus lose weight easily.

Silica causes rapid absorption of minerals into the body. Since it is soluble in water, not only does it help in the absorption of the minerals but also the supplement or compound itself, resulting in faster cleaning of the system and improved bowel movement.

Osteoporosis is a disease that is common in women that have reached menopause and most of them end up dying due to the fractures caused by the disease. However, diatomaceous earth contains components that are responsible for depositing minerals in the bones and thus preventing these fractures from occurring. The minerals also prevent the formation of scars at the affected areas.

When left unattended, body tissues normally develop an inability to retain moisture and the effects are always vivid, especially on the skin which appears dry and flaky. With diatomaceous earth, the skin tissues can be restored back to good shape by restoring its youthful look.

The silica found in diatomaceous earth food grade can be used to treat numerous skin conditions that include rashes, warts, burns, eczema, itching, acne and skin sores among others.

Despite being known as an incurable disease, the diatoms normally help reduce the symptoms caused by the disease by preventing the absorption of aluminum by the body as well as flushing out the aluminum that has already been absorbed form the system, resulting in an improved immune system.

In all, Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade with Silica has some incredible benefits to help you turn your health around and start living with more energy and vitality. What are you waiting for? Try Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth today with a 100% money-back guarantee!

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