Suntheanine L-Theanine Review

if you’re looking for a powerful but affordable supplement to feel better throughout the whole day, Suntheanine is a great choice. With its powerful increase in in alpha brain waves, Suntheanine has been produced by Sports Research SR to provide high quality health and wellness products — complementing your overall lifestyle and sense of well being. This supplement is manufactured entirely in the USA and has a 100% refund policy if you aren’t satisfied.

Suntheanine L-Theanine Review: Increased Focus and Reduced Stress

Suntheanine, the Safe and Natural Stress Relief
Suntheanine is a form of L-Theanine, which is derived from tea leaves native to eastern Asia. As a member of the evergreen shrub family, the ingredient is isolated for ethnobotanical uses in chocolate, soft drinks, and herbal teas, as well as supplements. As a natural, gentle stress reliever, L-theanine may play a helpful role in preventing cancer, as well as have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It typically induces stress relief by helping the user feel relaxed but without drowsiness. Suntheanine has been looked at as an all-natural nootropic supplement to help people improve their sleep, focus, and reduce stress.

Why Suntheanine Might Help You
Many individuals have trouble sleeping at night due to the increased stress of work, traffic, and general relationship difficulties. Illness, medication, or simply being forced to stay in a bad sleep environment also contribute to lack of restful sleep at night. This leads to a lot of depressed and grouchy individuals throughout the day. Caffeine may provide a quick pick me up, but L-theanine is a much better alternative. This powerful little supplement provides relaxation and rejuvenation — as well as focus — without the feeling of speed or burst that caffeine has — and no adverse effects on the heart. L-theanine has been visualized through EEGs, scanning brain waves as they are smoothed but not flattened. The body is put into a calm and relaxed state without feeling over stimulated or drowsy.

Safe and Gentle for Anyone51COBG1ne2L
Suntheanine is a gentle and safe amino acid, most effective on an empty stomach. Many users say they have taken it first thing in the day and feel great for the whole time they are awake. In addition, you could try taking it before bed and find that you no longer clench your teeth from feeling over stressed during your sleeping hours.

How Suntheanine Works in Your Body
Suntheanine stimulates alpha waves in the brain, which are waves that initiate during alert but relaxed states of mind. Suntheanine is produced during a patented fermentation process mimicking the natural extraction of tea leaves, though it is not quite the same as raw L-theanine.

This particular brand has been shown to provide safe, efficient relaxation through toxicology and pharmacological studies. It has been consumed through beverages and supplements, as well as foods, since 1994. There have been very few reports of negative side effects, aside from occasional slight stomach upset that can be prevented by taking plenty of water with the pill. Suntheanine has been confirmed by the USDA FDA in 2007 as a trusted supplement.

Benefits of Suntheanine
The benefits of Suntheanine include reduced stress, improved focus, relaxation, and sleep quality that is highly improved. In addition, this variety contains coconut oil for double strength, being enhanced with organic virgin coconut oil for increased absorption into your system.

What the Experts Say
Experts say that Suntheanine is much different than green tea. A researcher and physician, Dr. Lyon of the American College of Nutrition, says that L-theanine can’t be extracted in the same amounts through green tea as it can through the supplement. Most doses of Suntheanine are administered between 50-400mg. Green tea sold in the US only contains about 10mg of L-theanine per serving, so even if you rink a lot of tea, you’ll simply not get enough L-theanine. Be careful of taking more than 400mg unless advised by a physician.

Reviews from Professional Athletes and Physicians on Suntheanine
One reviewer, a doctor and athlete, reported that L-theanine helped her with anxiety and stress over performance. No more worries about paying the bills, taking care of family, staying healthy, or fitness. In addition, her training became much easier. Being able to think clearly and breathe calmly while staying focused has been key to her success as an athlete. She recommends adequate hydration as a way of ensuring you feel great during the day and have plenty of energy.

Immune System Support and Greater Clarity
Suntheanine also supports the immune system, helping to bring an individual back into balance with the nervous system. It brings a complete state of calm and clarity, which transfers over into other aspects of your life: working out, planning your daily routine of vitamins and supplements, spending time with the family, or performing at your job.

Ultimately, Suntheanine is a great supplement to induce greater levels of relaxation, alertness, and clarity without feeling too stimulated or sick to your stomach. Be sure to take the recommended dosage and consume plenty of water for adequate hydration. This powerful little supplement is safe, gentle on the body, and easy to take.


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