Legion Recharge Post-Workout Formula

Legion Recharge is an excellent post-workout supplement. It contains 100% scientifically-proven, natural substances which help you build more muscle and gain strength faster. In addition, you’ll recover from your workouts in less time, too. Here’s a quick review of what you’ll get when ordering this premium post-workout supplement.

A Formula Designed for Maximum Recovery
Legion Recharge is superior to other products on the market due to its effective dosing. Each ingredient included in the formula has been clinically tested for maximum uptake, base don research in health and performance institutions. The dosage is based on published work, not production requirements or business-based constraints.

Creatine Monohydrate for Superior Gains
The core ingredient to help you build muscle and strength faster after a workout is creatine monohydrate. Being able to repair muscle after a workout means faster training sessions and more frequent training sessions as well. In addition, Recharge contains L-carnitine and L-tartate. These ingredients are proven to improve muscle recovery and fiber reconstruction. This aids in the sense of post-workout soreness that sometimes comes on after a workout.

Additionally, Recharge contains corosolic acid. This ingredient is derived from the banaba plant, and has been proven to improve blood glucose control and insulin reuptake. Thus, your body will more quickly consume and absorb carbohydrate after a workout. Faster carbohydrate absorption means that you’ll feel recovered in less time and regain energy more quickly.RechargeFeatured-300x250

No Artificial Sweeteners or Stimulants
Recharge is 100% naturally sweetened, containing stevia and erythritol, which are entirely natural. Reviewer say the product does not have any sense of artificiality in its taste, lending to the fresh and premium mixing quality of Recharge.

Recharge does not rely on stimulants to improve physical performance. It has been designed to give you the best workouts of your life without feeling upset stomach or having jittery sensations. You’ll get 21 servings in a container, which is 4 to 6 weeks worth of workouts based on a training schedule of three to six times per week. Using Recharge according to the directions is advised to ensure maximum benefit from the product.

Why Post-Workout Supplements are Important
Post-workout supplements are meant to improve recovery after tough gym sessions. Their focus is to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and key you up for the next exercise session. Finding a good post workout supplement can make your training feel a lot better and contribute to your exercise goals in a way that you’ll maximize your time in the gym. The key is to look for a blend of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, and creatine.

Legion Recharge Benefits

Key Ingredients to Boost Recovery
Creatine is a key ingredient as the 45-90 minute window post workout is the time when your body is most receptive to new nutrients. It will help with inflammation, fat loss, and energy boosting.

Protein is critical to repair and rebuild your muscles. Amino acids help to assist in this process, and proteins that are easy to digest make the body’s healing time much faster. Whey is an excellent choice and one you’ll find in many post workout supplements due to its fast-digesting quality. It will help with fat loss — but make sure there isn’t added sugar or it will reduce/negate the beneficial effects.

Carbohydrates are important in replenishing muscle glycogen. Not getting enough glycogen to recover after a workout will result in a feeling of lethargy and less effective gains after intense exercise. You should also look for BCAAs, or Branch chain amino acids. These help to control insulin levels after a workout, which will help your hunger stay in control and keep you feeling strong.

Legion Recharge contains creatine, protein, and carbohydrates in clinically proven amounts to help with muscle fiber repair and glucose control after hard training. Supplement reviews claim Legion Recharge is an excellent recovery drink, providing great taste and plenty of energy after your workouts. Using a blender bottle is advised to get maximum solubility. Complaints about pain after a hard training session or a sense of muscles being sore and tender will go away after trying this product.

Legion Pulse and Legion Recharge Together
Legion Recharge is frequently used to complement Legion Pulse, which starts you out at the beginning of a workout and keeps you going strong through the whole session. Combining Recharge with Pulse will give you the maximum benefit for each workout.

Post-workout supplements are an excellent way to recover, and pre-workout supplements are a great way to get going before your workout. Legion provides the best quality products that have sustained premium reviews over numerous years, proving their commitment to excellence. If you’re looking for a great way to feel strong again after a workout and repair those muscles fast, Recharge is definitely worth a try.

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