The Gentleman’s Cookbook Review – Can Healthy by Romantic?

The Gentleman's Cookbook

How do you make someone fall in love with you? Whether it’s your very first date, your second, or 100th date as a couple, a scrumptious and enticing meal is an experience in and of itself. But when you actually prepared your dinner, then you know you’ve earned some points. The Gentleman’s Cookbook Valentine’s Edition gives you everything you need to know for that perfect romantic dinner with the object of your affection.

Packed with delicious and easy-to-make recipes, as well as an interesting guide on how to make the night absolutely romantic, the cookbook is all you’ll ever need to make a lasting impression or to rekindle the passion in a long-term relationship.

What is the Gentleman’s Cookbook?

The cookbook is an ebook created by Liam Mailer in coordination with Dave Ruel – popularly know as the Muscle Cook. It is a complete step by step plan for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner and romantic evening.

The recipes include soups, main dishes, starters, and desserts, and are made to be easy to follow and meet gourmet standards.

Who are the Brains Behind the Cookbook?
The book is written by Liam Mailer with Dave Ruel, who are both behind the brains of The Muscle Cook – a popular website providing recipes for bodybuilders and fitness buffs.

Liam Mailer developed and adapted the recipes from his experiences at cooking school, with the help of food mentors, gourmet chefs, and his own culinary developments for over 10 years. Mailer worked with Ruel originally to help him with his fitness and nutrition plans, and both eventually became partners in their brand and business. Mailer is also author of Gourmet Bodybuilding, which has a huge following in the UK.

Dave Ruel is a professional nutritionist, author, and former competitive bodybuilder. He is mostly known for being the founder of The Muscle Cook, as well as being the author of Anabolic Cooking: The Cookbook and Complete Nutrition Guide for Bodybuilding and Fitness.

What’s Inside The Gentleman’s Cookbook?

1. Recipes
There are 80 gourmet recipes in the book – all of which have been created using gourmet and culinary standards that any top chef would approve of.

The images of the dishes are beautiful and would absolutely entice you to make your very own meal for your loved one.

2. The Perfect Steak
A section on making the perfect steak is also featured, whether you want medium rare or well done. Mailer carefully explains how to make a beautifully cooked steak that fits your preference.

3. 8 Printable Done-for-You 3-Course Meals
You won’t have to go out to enjoy a filling and delicious meal, as the book gives you 8 versions of a 3-course meal that will make you look like an actual chef.

The meals are not just meant for two to enjoy. You can modify the quantity of the ingredients and host a dinner party for family and friends using the meal guide.

The Benefits of The Gentleman’s Cookbook

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the cookbook:

  • Comprehensive
  • Provides information beyond recipes
  • No special skills required for any of the recipes
  • Recipes and tips are easy to follow
  • Ebook is accessed instantly upon purchase
  • Ebook can be accessed from any mobile device, computer, or laptop

The cookbook is a comprehensive guide to crafting the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner and evening at home. However, because it is a recently released book, there aren’t a lot of information with regards to actual user experience.

Where to Buy The Gentleman’s Cookbook
The book can be purchased from Clickbank, with both offering secure and safe payment options.

Access to the ebook costs only $19, and you get the PDF format instantly to your mobile device or computer. The book has only been recently launched, which means there’s a certain risk that it might not be what you’re looking for or that it’s not what it’s cut out to be. But at only $19, there’s not much financial risk if ever you don’t find the book satisfying your needs.

Overall, the book is a fantastic idea for a romantic dinner or Valentine’s Day evening. Cooking for the object of your attention is always an exciting and delightful experience, and your sense of fulfillment and intimacy will go beyond your taste buds and satisfying your appetite.

If you want to break down walls or let your loved one know how much he or she is loved, then this cookbook is a great idea for an intimate evening.


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